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Hello - My friend I have a question – How do you prevent bring pictures with rss

when you add sources you can check the strip tags option and it will prevent all HTML TAGS with images too.

Thank you very much my friend

how to resolve problem on this page , when you type “example.com/news.php”

its show blank page and this date 1969-12-31 .

hello Wael,

why to browse the news.php ?

it doesn’t work without ID and SLUG

ok , can i redirect it to home page or to custom 404 page ?

yes we can.

I will customize it for you.

Hello, My site has been down since yesterday, I just check your site now and it’s down also. What is happening? www.rss-script.com

there is no reltion between your problem and my server.

contact your server provider.

Okay, I will contact them but my other site is working, nd it’s the same hosting company

just send me your site details here or in private message.

I just checked it now, It’s started working. But the manual scraping Tags and Rss are still not working.

just wait and it should works.

I think your server are changing something.

I don’t think so, cos that has been the problem since I was using shared hosting. Remember you were the one who advised me to move to VPS. My VPS plan have the below capacity 3Core(s) 5GB RAM 60GB SSD 500Mbps

Please try to check it and help resolve the issue. Thanks

cronjob is working but there is a problem in cronjob in your server.

it is running twice simultaneously so it is importing duplicated news.

Please also check the cron work, my news list. It’s scraping each post two times

I checked it and deleted the duplicated news.

it happened sometimes that cronjob run twice so it is importing the news two times and that problem happened in all servers and the script has no relation to it.

please change your CPanel password because it is in public. and when you need to send it to me please send it in private message using my profile page here.

Yea, cron job is working but the manual scraping is not working

please change your CPanel password.

some one or you (accidentally) removed the file that is responsible for importing news.

I have restored that file and manual importing is working again but you must change your password.

Hello, what is the cause of this error? It came out of nowhere Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /home/adsfreevideos/public_html/akhbar/index.php on line 5

send me your site details in private message.

this error relates to change in server.

hi sir why i can not open any url in my site ? http://tv.net.tr/news/hadise-yemek-yapti-600-bin-tl-kazandi?uid=1 what is problem on this link ?


make sure that you uploaded .htaccess file to root folder.


waelalaa Purchased

Hello, how can i edit number of news at category on home page ?


from theme setting in admin panel you can select which category to be displayed or not.

note : renew your support for next times when you need help.


waelalaa Purchased

ok, thanks


Hi. Is there possibility to have mulitusers on this? Meaning can visitors sign up and create their own feed?

Hello, No this feature isn’t available.

Hello! I bought this script with you straight from the site (http://rss-script.com), I added a tick and am waiting for an answer.


I see your ticket you sent it just before 5 minutes.

presales – can a user upload video from your plugin directly to my youtube channel and then plugin will capture the youtube video id? Also, is there a voting feature in your plugin?


unfortunately this feature isn’t available. but voting is available and exists.


eyalish Purchased

hello man, sometimes there are duplicate content from cron job, is there a way to delete this duplicated content? instead of deleting one by one? why does it happen? regards.


sometimes chaos happened in server and the cronjob run twice simultaneously and that what caused the duplicated news.

you can select multiple news and delete them.

Is this script not updating?

I didn’t understand your question.

Hello It reiterates the site name I want to be deleted romeomirs The word TAGS appears only when indexing View image http://i.imgur.com/cM2ZgZd.png

Delete the name of the site from the search Thank you so much


open the file search.php on line 10

$smarty->assign('seo_title','Search For '.$q.' - '.$options['general_seo_title']);

replace it with :

$smarty->assign('seo_title','Search For '.$q);

Thank you so much xmush

How are you my friend .. If you add an advantage to this script .Open links in popup . Open source in the same location … 1 http://i.imgur.com/K8rJoy2.png 2 http://i.imgur.com/bLXCUJW.png I hope to add this feature script … It will be great . Thank you so much

Hi, I just want to combine feed and aggregate them into a single feed that I can use. I don’t want to make pages or include any outside content on my pages. Is this possible with your script? Thanks


xmush Author

you can import from multiple feeds use only the RSS page as result.