RSSPlus - Titanium Full App

RSSPlus - Titanium Full App

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RSSPlus App is a full working full featured RSS aggregator build on top of Titanium framework. It is a well structured, well organized and implemented, full working app that comes with all the ingredients a modern application needs. Best practices, proven techniques and experienced software architecture are packed with a well crafted design.

The application follows the modern trends of the “Slide menu”. Each RSS feed has its own entry in this menu. In addition to this, each particular window has it’s own context menu. This menu carries options like “Refresh”, “Share to …”, “Open in browser” etc.

The construction of the “Slide menu” is driven by the application’s configuration file. No extra code is needed for that. The context menu is automatically binded to the right button of the navigation bar.

Remote data / RSS
The application is fetching data from online remote feeds and sources by using the RSS protocol. The source URLs for these feeds are set in the application’s configuration file.

Image scraping – Node.js
Images, related to each article, are automatically detected and used in the Application’s “Feed” and “Details” windows. The application is configured to communicate and uses a node.js web-service especially created for this purpose.

The source code of the Node.JS “Image Scraping” service is coming along with this application. Detailed installation instructions for the Heroku Platform are also part of the pack.

Social networks integration
Integration with Facebook and Twitter is part of the build-in features of the RSSPlus Application. No additional code is required in order to provide the “Post to Facebook” and “Share to Twitter” options for any particular article. Detailed instructions on how to configure a Facebook app is also part of the documentation.

URL shortener –
When posting to Twitter the creation of short URLs is a crucial part. RSSPlus Application is already configured to make use of the service. Again, no additional code is required for that. You need just set your account credential.

Theme framework
RSSPlus application introduces our powerful flexible and extensible “Theme Framework” for Titanium Applications. All the information related to the “Look and Feel” of the application is completely separated from the business code. A theme file, following a declarative approach, controls information like the colors and the color schemes, the font family and the font sizes, etc.

RSSPlus comes already with two special designed special crafted themes. A “Dark” and a “Bright” one.

A configuration file is responsible for all business related aspects of the application like:

  • The structure of the “Slide menu”
  • The remote RSS sources
  • The “theme” selection and activation

PSD templates
The titanium project is accompanied with it’s full layered PSD file. In addition to this a set of separate PSD files are part of the pack. These files, with their proper size and guides, are an important addition to your toolkit. Use them and they will guide you on how to create your own icons and other resources for home screen, slide menu, navigation bar, etc.