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I like it :) Good job!

Thank you, Groutex!


Nice Work, May i know:-

1)Cache available ?

2)Don’t want third party feed service, can use simplepie, magpie, or your aggregator script?



Glad to use SimpleXmlElement

Cache can lower the server load

Can you do it with cache, make optional to set cache = true or false.

If Cache available, sure direct buy the script.

Below a sample cache script, prefer timeline cache folder

$cache_time = 60*60; // 1 hours

$cache_file = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/cache/test.rss';
$timedif = @(time() - filemtime($cache_file));

if (file_exists($cache_file) && $timedif < $cache_time) {
    $string = file_get_contents($cache_file);
} else {
    $string = file_get_contents('http://www.feedaddress/rss.rss/');
    if ($f = @fopen($cache_file, 'w')) {
        fwrite ($f, $string, strlen($string));
$xml = simplexml_load_string($string);

// place the code below somewhere in your html
echo '
<div id="rssbox">
$count = 0;
$max = 3;
foreach ($xml->channel->item as $val) {
    if ($count < $max) { 
        echo '
            <strong>'.$val->title.'</strong><br />
            '.$val->description.' | <a href="'.$val->link.'">More  ></a>
echo '

Thank you for advice! Actually, you can buy it (if you need) and make it more useful with cache solution you proposed)

Thank you , Good luck with sale.

Great job!!

Can you have many different feeds in the same tab side by side??

Dear eirehotspur, it was not a goal for this script. But if you want – you can use this solution for parsing two or more feeds:

But if you want – you can use this solution for parsing two or more feeds:

Do you mean simplepie work with your script ?

If can implement with simplepie, that’s mean no problem for cache and multiple feed.

Already purchased

Thank you

Good luck with sale

opwow, thank you. I used SimpleXmlElement but i think the idea of that solution can be used for SimpleXmlElement also. As you see here: – it also possible.

Thanks very much
I like it
Yes, wonderful implement with SimpleXmlElement

1. Does it work with atom feeds?

2. Is it possible to horizontal timeline (not vertical) ?

I tested it on different types of rss, I think it work with ATOM. You can send me a link to desired rss – I can test it special for you. As for the horizontal version – i think it’s possible to remake it with css (you can use idea for css styles from here – – horisontal timeline), but my idea was to build a infinite vertical timeline)


nice rss timeline, but one question. Is it possible to show <description>......content….....</description> in the timeline. I see only the <title>............</title> but not the <description>

can you help me please ;O)

Last 5 days i haven’t internet(, – so can’t work at home (at the momet use inet in our office). If’ll get the opportunity to renew it – i can help you, try to look/ask your question on stackowerflow for this time. Thank you for understanding!

hey whats wrong, no support available?

Dear mrhorese, I apologize for so long delay. Of course, I want to help you – only one thing I need: it is a link to the RSS you want to show. Please give me a link to the sertain feed and i will try to add this function to you.

Dear Harrachovsite, i tested it – no result for now, as I developed a script to work with RSS, RSS 2.0 or ATOM rss feeds, but your feed is not a valid RSS 2.0 (you can check it here – so there is an error in your feed “Using of unknown namespace:"

hello Please how can i put more than one rss path

you can try to add to my php file this solution – it can merge a few feeds into one:

and as you see in example you’ll get an array $feeds->data with two RSS in it

Hello why the rss displayed low pictures resolutions best regards

the script display resolution you have in your RSS – as you see on my example here: my feed got good resolution, because it is all about the RSS feed settings, not script

hello Please how can i modify dimensions the pictures in time line

This is not about TimeLine – this is about the feed you used. If in the feed you have images with low resolution – you can’t make them better in TimeLine.

hello Please how can i change color the horizontal line between news windows i am tired

If you mean the vertical line – just add the row to the end of your styles.css file:

.section-alt #timeline:before, .section-alt #timeline:after { border-color: #ffffff; }

where #ffffff change to color you like

Hello i am having problem displaying images from of RSS feeds, Articles shows but no images for the post.

It depends on the feed – send me your link via contact form

I wrote answer on your email. All works fine for me – the link from your letter is working well.

Thank you! Fixed. Was a problem with hosting.

Hello, few days ago I bought your Codecanyon script, but I have problems trying to get it to work with wordpress.

the link where the I set is: $rsspath = ‘';

Thank you.

ok thank you

right Bar work with posts from previous months? because I see that only loads the last 10.

Script will load as many posts as you have in your RSS – no more! So configure number of your items in your WP RSS feed.

P.S. For Joomla, for example, I use a special plugin for that.

Hello, demo is not fully function. If i click on a Month it doesn’t scroll to right Month. Can you fix it? Have you an updated version?

Its because of the “current year” in script set to 2015

Hi! Is there a admin demo available? Thanks. :)

FSAviator, not at this time. Apologize for that

Hi, can the script be tweaked after purchase by a knowledgeable coder to show only posts that contain a certain word/phrase?

Yes, we allow you to do that, as you asked.

Hi. All feeds work well with featured images EXCEPT from wordpress feeds. All wordpress feeds show NO image. Can you help please?

Hello. I have a problem with your template. It loads no images. It shows no images. Its all wordpress feeds. What is the problem and how can I fix it please?


CodeSrc Purchased

@ Nikobogio – Try installing this WordPress plugin: