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is there a menue to add the rss link ore I add the rss link in the code?

If 2. Can I Add more then one rss link?

1. You can change the rss link in the source code.

2. Only one link

it don’t parse the full article

Stay tuned.The next update is able to read the full article in a webview within the app. Will be available soon.

It’s available now.

hi it’s possible to use wordpress rss feed?? thanks! ( nice design!)

I dont have a link now, my idea is to open a wordpress blog and use my wp feed rss in your app. So I need to display in the app from wordpress blog: Title, Content, images and some custom field. It is possible?

I want create a recipes app, but i need to create first wp blog and , in app take data from it, u understamd?

Understand. As long as your rss can supply title, content, publishing date and publishing URL, this app is able to parse and display.

please, display images instead of the date…

If the feed content consist of image, it will be automatically parsed and displayed as part of the content.

Hi, when I click the share button it shares the content as HTML only in email , facebook and twitter . How would I just share the title and a link to the story

Stay tuned. Sharing of feed title and link is available in the next update which will be available shortly.

Is the update ready now ?

Yes. It’s already available from 8/8/13

Only one link?! What kind iOs app is with 1 rss link source? You should ad tabs and subtabs for more link sources like this it doesn’t have sense.

Plans to update to iOS 7 soon?

Yes. Available in a week time

updated to ios 7

Nice app Is It possible to show the navigationbar without the titel of the page in it?

Yes possible. Just comment the lines that starting with “self.title” in implementation file of ListController

Thank you, I comment the “self.title” lines in the ListController but the title is still visible in the navigationbar of the Detailcontroller and the Webviewcontroller when the app is running

For both DetailController and Webview controller, delete the navigation title in storyboard. List controller is responsible for the list view only.

You say that “If the feed content consist of image, it will be automatically parsed and displayed as part of the content” but actually it doesn’t. I’ve tried with a number of feeds that use <image> and your app doesn’t process them. Any plans on adding that feature? RSS feeds with images are important.

If the image is part of the content, it will display. However, if you want to call image to custom location then this code won’t do that currently. I am working on that feature and will include in the next update.

is it for iPad Compatible too? is It Universal App? Thanks

No. iPhone version only

Thanks for the nice simple RSS App, its just what I was looking for! :)

I hope you can help with a little error though please? I have tried 2 different blogs now that are XML (Wordpress and Blogger), but both return the following error in Xcode:

2014-04-10 00:34:00.335 RSS Reader for iPhone[2059:60b] Started Parsing: 2014-04-10 00:34:00.339 RSS Reader for iPhone[2059:60b] Finished Parsing With Error: Error Domain=MWFeedParser Code=3 “XML document is not a valid web feed document.” UserInfo=0×170276100 {NSLocalizedDescription=XML document is not a valid web feed document.}

The other blog link is:

In the comments above, you mention that XML is compatible with the App. Hopefully Im missing something simple and there is a nice resolution to get either of these working :)

Hope you can help, thanks again… Kris

I think I have sorted the above problem, I just needed to find the RSS or Atom URL for my blog! :)

But, I do now have the same issue as NSwisher1, where Images are not placed in the thumbnail… can you help with that please?

The Atom URL I am trying is:

Thanks for purchasing. If the image is part of the contents, it will display. I have no problem with other feeds. However your feed url, doesn’t transfer the images via this standard url. Do you wan to look in to it?


I am really interesting to buy this. However I dont have Mac, Xcode. I have developer account. Do you provide extrace service to put my rss ?

google news RSS okay ?

thanks a lot

Sorry Friend. Something going wrong. I have not received your email till now. they didn’t even appear in my junk folders.

Can I have you email address? I will then send my skype ID.

Ok this is my skype id pambudi4 please add thanks

added from skype. lets talk there

Great job! Everything is super! As always, All works perfectly! Thank you

Happy to hear that Viktor777. Would you mind posting the iTunes link of your App here?

Does it matter if it is WordPress or Drupal (the website it will be reading from)?

Yes. RSS, Blog and Atom feeds only.

thanks for your quick reply, may you provide an email address so I can send you and you tell me if it is able to work?

Thanks in advance

tried a different in app browser, will this still work with ios8? Also, looking to build a simple application with a single click to my mobile website. Is this is right app for this idea?

I am working on ios 8 update currently.

This app actually parses the feed given by an url and don’t display mobile websites.

If you are looking for a wrapper to display a mobile with built in back and forward buttons, you may look at this:

Any chance you can update to xcode 6.1.1 ? build does complete but there are 4 issues.

Let me look in to it

Does this work for iOS 8?