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Liked the idea, but this doesn’t seem to work at all. Also, the shortcode obliterates the sidebar in two themes tested. Not happy with it so far. Sorry.

Hey, I received your email and I would get the plugin to your liking. I am currently facing a little downtime by host but I will reply via email as soon as possible.


am having problems with the side bar too – i added a shortcode into the page and pushes the sidebar further in and down????

anyone else experiencing same problem – did you get a fix??

its missing a closing div… that’s what appears be causing the problem – added to line 236 seemed to fix the issue


Thanks for finding that bug. I will apply the fix right now.

Thanks again.

hi man, is there any way for the admin to filter or manually approve the RSS feeds before publishing them? Thanks

At the moment, no. The reason being is that the plugin does not aggregate the news items into the database, just virtually display them straight from the provider. Sorry.

hi, is it possible to create e php code for each feed? I’d like to put output code on theme files, not by shortcodes. Thanks.

I’ll look into this and get back to you, my friend.


I was adding some code when I remembered, you can use the following

<?php echo do_shortcode('[rss_partner]'); ?>

That should work in your theme.

ok, I’ check it out

is it compatible with latest wordpress 3.7?

How can I pull the post name rather than insert a logo photo. I need a text title for each feed. Hope I can do this because this plugin rocks but downloading logos or featured pictures is a pain.

Thank you kindly

This works!

Great. Nice helping you.

Fabulous customer service. Love this plugin! Thank you.

Can I use the short code to have a different feed for each category in my blog?

Yes, you can. However the plugin was created for external feeds. However you can get your RSS feed for your site category. Try the link below if you need help on getting your feed.


What I’m trying to achieve is have external feeds for 3 categories, BUT also be able to make original posts in those categories too.

Ok, sounds like you would like to import RSS feeds into your database. This plugin doesn’t import them, just host them virtually. What I can do is integrate an option to have multiple feeds at once so you include your categories as well external feeds.


Is it compatible with WP 3.8.x ? Do you have a working demo ?


Yes it is compatible. Also, I will create the working demo for you today and message you back. Sorry about the inconvenience. Speak to you later.

The demo is back online.

Is it compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. I see comments 7 months ago, so want to confirm, if the plugin is still active.

Yes, it is. :)

Your demo is not working…

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/demob4ucode/public_html/myteam/wp-content/plugins/rss-partners/rss-partners.php on line 170

Thanks. I will check that out.

demo still showing errors??

How should I combine all of these shortcodes into one that works in a page to display my feed?

rss_partner slug=”entertainment” [rss_partner cols=”3”]

Can I import all news from techcrunch/forbes/times and another source? Text+photo+video. How plugin work? I want create aggregator news.

I am sorry, it does not aggregate into databases. It displays most recent feeds from the sources.

It searches for the main image and displays it on the page.

Hi I’ve just purchased this item and I am sorry to see that it messes up my column display when using as a short code. If this can’t be fixed then I will expect a full refund. Thanks


Sorry to hear that it messes up your columns, please send a message with a link to your site from my profile.

Is this plugin working with new WP 4?


I have a list of RSS feeds and I want to be able to do the following on my blog:

1 – Auto post content on my blog from my personal Feeds list; 2 – Auto publish the entire post or just a part of it, with the post featured image; 3 – Allow users to see the entire post directly from the source but under my blog, with a bar. Like a iframe.

Take bloglovin.com by example, if you visit this URL https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/le-fashion-39894 you can see a resume of this Feed posts, and when you click on a post it will open the post but on the original website under the bloglovin.com frame.

This is what I want to do, can I do that with your’s plugin?

Thank you in advanced for your attention.


Greetings, I have assessed what you are looking for. The current plugin would not be the best solution for this but if you send me a message via my profile, I may be able to assist you further with a more custom solution.

Hi Guys, I need a help! What kind of short codes i can use? I didn`t find a library or a tutorial.


Inside of the zip file that contains the documentation. If you are unable to find it. Please send me a message from my profile.

looks to be exactly what I need.

Can it pull news from a specific catagory from external websites…even a Custom post type??

The demo is broken…