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RSS News

Important Support Notice

We are not providing support for our items due to high load on projects. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app. Thanks for the understanding.


Turn you blog or news website into Android Application just in minutes with dmb TEAM RSS News.

Please check the Support tab to see what xml structure you have to provide in the feed

RSS News Features:

  • Fully customizable;
  • Detailed Documentation;
  • Splash Screen;
  • Sliding Menu;
  • Facebook integration;
  • AdMob – migrated to Google Play Services;
  • Change article/news font size;
  • Switch between articles/news by sliding to left/right;
  • Images memory caching implemented (increase performance);
  • Setup in less than 5 minutes;
  • Displaying your featured image and artilce’s textual content;
  • Error page is displayed when the user has no internet connection;
  • Load More button – it will allow the user to get more articles from the loaded in first place.

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Check out the iOS version:
iOS RSS News - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Latest Versions:

Version 2.1 (29/12/2017):

  • Gradle update
  • Android Studio 3 Support
Version 2.0 (02/01/2016):

  • Migration to Android Studo;
  • Test AdMob ID;
Version 1.2.1 (17/03/2015):

  • Android Support Library Update;
  • User can to go back to HOME from Sliding Menu—icon is added;
  • Icons are changed with material ones.
Version 1.2 (31/07/2014):

  • (NEW) You can now add more than one feed;
  • Facebook share now uses directly the installed Facebook application and there is no need to create FacebookApp from;
  • Twitter share now uses directly the installed Twitter application and there is no need to create TwitterApp to share content;
  • Pull Down to Refresh instead of Load More button;
  • AdMob to Google Play Services Migration – Check Out the Tutorial.
Version 1.1 (19/11/2013):

  • (NEW) AdMob enabled on Homepage
  • (NEW) Twitter Share
  • Fixed bug with adsense