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hello, sir, i’m early bought and refund your script sorry to say this. I,m trayed news pilot but this script not perfect for me. my website is Tamil news site. 1000+ RSS source to add my website. cronjob in every minute if your script is supported please tell me. news pilot script is no problem but my server fully loads if your script manages this problem I can buy.

I’m also trying with digital ocean. my current server 4cpu 15gb ram but this news pilot script fully loads my server.

my website newsdabba.com

I’m new in PHP development please help me, sir.

Hi ,

We cant help you in any technical issues until you have purchased the item


Hello, tell me please does it support rtl languages such as hebrew or arabic? Thank you.


It supports RTL


Pre-purchase questions:

1. Does it have its own RSS feed?

2. Does it have RSS feed for categories?

3. Can users register and create there publish there own feeds?

4. Can you write manual posts?

Yes categories will have their own RSS feed , We will not guarantee regarding updates

Well your script has all the features i need except user registration so I’m trying to decide between your script and this: https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114 – Which has user registration but no spintax.

More questions:

1. Can user roles be used for registration (if I get a developer to edit it)?

2. If yes, will user be able to add there own feeds also edit and delete posts?

3. Does the script has post approval system (admin can approve post before published)?


Hi ,

1 User roles will not work for registrations

2 Users will not be able to add feeds

3 That is not available


Hi there!

I really like this script however i’m concerned i wont be able to install it!

Let me know if you will be able to set it up for me on my GoDaddy hosting and I will buy it,

Thanks mate Muz


Yes we will setup on godaddy


Automatically Spin text don’t work in my english locale website. What is the problem?

How do I fix this error? And Where?

ErrorException in Parser.php line 19: file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0


Allow url fopen is disabled on your server , please enable it or let your hosting provider to do so


Thanks, I dont see an option anywhere so will ask them…

Twitter seems not to be changing to my account although I have amended in settings from your kodeinfo account? Am I missing something here? Apart from that this script is awesome well done

Sorted sorry!

Something strange seems to have happened to the site, I added some ad codes into the sidebar ad section and other, and it broke the layout, deleting them hasnt fixed it, where can I find traces of the code I added, ie which part of the script will I need look for in ftp? Added to sidebar and header so assume thats where the issue lies.


Debug the file , Might be you have placed the code incorrect , Else replace the original file


Can you message me back on the email I sent you please kodeinfo, just easier to ask you the questions I have there.

- Images is always empty and source is unkown : https://imgur.com/lHPVlW6

- Also, how to make a post show on the front page ? It’s always empty..

- How to use the slider ? There is no mention in the documentation.



Provide us the source link you are adding

For slider , Edit the posts and mark it as featured , You must make at least more than 3 posts featured


I am adding this https://www.reddit.com/r/OMGTraders/.rss link

Also, is there a way for the script to skip the posts that are only links and has no description ?

The source you are adding is providing empty images and is not in correct format , There is no way to skip such posts

Hi, I have set it up and facing the issue on cron jobs on shared hosting. Can you please help me?

if I change the post status to Hidden, does it mean the post won’t be published in the RSS feed as well? If not, will you be adding a “Pending” or “Draft” post feature so admin can approve the post before published?

If post is hidden , It will not get shown on the front end , But it will be available on admin side

hi, while doing the manual feed refresh, im getting this error.

FatalErrorException in SourcesController.php line 264: Class ‘Image’ not found in SourcesController.php line 264

can you help?

Hi ,

Send me cpanel details at kodeinfo007@gmail.com

Hi. I really like your script and I want to buy it but my problem is there is no way to set the amount of articles you pull in. What if i want to create 10 sources and only pull 1 article from each? For example i want to make tech news and I only want 3 articles from each source to make my my news category. This way its very different content. How can I do that? I see no indicator? Does it just pull the full feed from every source? Also how is Priority option relevant? What is it for?

I really hope there is a solution because this is the only thing that stands between me and purchasing.

Hi ,

There is no way to control fetching of articles , And priority is which source must be executed first after the cron run


Are you saying it is not possible to control it because there is no such feature in your script or there is no way to control that from a developers stand point. For instance if I were to hire a programmer , are you saying he would not be able to implement such a feature into your script?

I mean the feature is not available in the script , It is possible from the developers side

Is there Arabic language?

Yes it will support

Hello. Just a quick question before I purchase. Is it possible for me to install this script on more than one domain? Thanks…

Hi ,

To install on more than one domain you must buy extended license


Hi, Does your script uses any cache for speed loading ? Thanks

Hi ,

Yes caching is enabled


Topics do not appear in the preview site

It takes only a short description and redirect to original source

Can you make it appear full article?

Not possible

I want to buy this script but I have a question before Does this script respond to shared hosts for receiving 2000 news a day?

Hi ,

It depends on the server memory


when i refresh source i got following error…

NotSupportedException in AbstractEncoder.php line 150: Encoding format (jpg?output-quality=80) is not supported

solve plz

asap plz

Hi ,

Go to \app\Http\Controllers\Admin\SourcesController.php line no 277 and change

$img->save(public_path('/uploads/').$name, 75);




thanks for your quick response


mclechelle Purchased

Is it only me that auto-update is not working for?

Check your mail