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Your script have an error not is possible to access to the admin panel

what is the error exactly !

I want to pay extra And delete your text link at my site how much does it cost? I also have a problem When adding a news source Rss do not work Can you give me an explanation of how to install and fetch news from rss

I thank you and hope that you will not be late to reply

send me private message to see

Hello, do you need any translations for this? Eng ->Finnish? +Is this easy to translate?


but if you want to translate it for your site you can do it in the template files

I have just installed the script when I open an artcle or it writes it The requested URL / news / 34 / feguifoot-cherif-bah-28-September-american-massacre- Dioulde-diallo was not found on this server.

I have just installed the script when I open an artcle or it writes it The requested URL / news / 34 / feguifoot-cherif-bah-28-September-american-massacre- Dioulde-diallo was not found on this server. help me

please make sure that you uplaod the htaccess correctly

hello i don’t understand what you ask me to explain !


Warezov Purchased

Hi, please I have error when i create new category. Only show me “Error Happened.”. And new category dont create. Please help me.

please send to me in private message your site info to check

hello, good morning.

I made a pruchase by mistake. I thought that it was a plugin, not a PHP. It is posible to refund it? or maybe you have another product I can use. Many thanks


sorry but as you see from the demo it’s not plugin so am sorry if you download it i can’ cancel it but u still can use it as a hp script for your site

When is the much awaited next update with new features please?

any update ?


This script definitely has a problem fetching thumbnail images from the cron job. I have installed the script exactly as described in the documentation and everything seems to be working, except the fetched feeds do not include images. It reverts to the alternative images which have been uploaded. I don’t think the problem is with the cron job command as the cron file is being executed and the news is being fetched. The only problem is that images are not displayed. I don’t see why I should have to pay to renew the support when this feature should be working out of the box. Other than that this is a good script which I am happy with. But the failure of the script to fetch the feed images has a negative impact on the quality of the product. It would be good to have this problem solved as I see that many other people have experienced it.

did you check the folders permissions ?

if yes and the problem still same

please send me your site info to check in private message

I checked the documentation for info on folder permissions but there was no info. What folder permissions do I need to check ?

send to me your cpanel info to check it for you in private message

Hi, i just purchase the script and installed right away.. but after adding the source no news come. and when i click grab nothing happened. corn job added for 30mins.

what you suggest?


thank you.

send to us your site info in private message to check if you add it correctly and help you to fix it

I am getting this error: PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Pagination has a deprecated constructor in. Also rss / atom feeds not working at all, adding rss feed..pressing “Grab”..it loads but nothing shows up..installed following your manual and setted chmod as manual says….not cool. Also how to install Disgus comments on this? it needs shortcode but i have to install it first before get shortcode for comments…so where i install it? Also index page on admin dashboard is empty…and of course…where is language file so i can translate this english -> finnish and is there possible add php code which makes long text as “hidden” (Show more ->Show less)?

And when adding “links” it puts site url first then link which you add there..example: main site is news.com—>site where to go something.com it adds it like this: https://news.com/https://something.com

Where i can add cookie policy script? I tested few basic ways to do it but site goes down when adding script. Any helps?

And how to get embed videos to working? It takes source code/ embed code nicely but nothing shows.

So any support for this problem???

The script that works so far (2 years), is not updated through cron.

Can I ask for help ?!


Gabor Toldy

Admin for ads Your lite version has a .php to admin the banner ads but the rss news that i purchased has no way to admin these