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I have a problem.

The system does not show the photos in the news.

Example: https://goo.gl/hQqyu1

It is only bringing the text of the news by RSS. Also, do not bring the image file of the news to our server.

Can you solve this please?


Everything is installed according to your instructions.

Where can I configure to set the height of the photo?

When uploading photos of different sizes, your system does not maintain symmetry, and photos are set with different image heights, then it looks messy.


In addition, as we understand that the photo is part of the news, we see that your system does not bring to our server the file with the image to store it and then display it.

We could see in the MySQL database, which has only the link to the source source and is not bringing the photo to our server.

The correct thing would be for your system to obtain the image file and save it on our server and save the file name in the ‘thumbnail’ table of the database. It is very important that the system brings the photo from the origin.


We see that your demo system also has the same problem, example:


It is showing only the photo http://wpsup.com/demos/rss-news/upload/sources/89181434350173.png in all the news.

Hello, xmush, good afternoon.

We need to know if you have time to answer us, since 3 days ago we have not heard from you and we need to move forward please.

Regards :)

Any response please?

does not work. no errors. installed according to documentation. have added 3 different news xml feeds. after grab each one shows 0 news


klakhbar Purchased

I have installed the script well and I added rss links but there are not news grabbed from rss, so it doesn’t work .also I have added cron job and it doesn’t work even manually grabbing? please what is the problem

Hello klakhbar,

The script works well.

Demo: https://goo.gl/vkwLpa

But it has some details that must be corrected.

For example, we have RSS feeds that have images, but the script does not bring the images to the server, nor does it save them.

Remember to comply with the requirements:

RSS News Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher MySQLi Support CURL Library multibyte functions mb_ functions


Hello how are you ?, I have not heard from you.

I need to know if you can respond to the support of “RSS News – AutoPilot Script”.

We have configured RSS feeds that have images, and we have tested many sources as well.

For some reason the script does not bring the images and does not store them on our server, just bring the text.

In the news they are showing the images of the categories, which is incorrect.

How can I solve this problem?

Best regards :)