Discussion on RSS Filter

Discussion on RSS Filter

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The idea is not bad, but if you want to sell this item should be possible to made a real demo and test with any words and links as we wish not your suggestions.
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cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

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Good luck with selling! :)

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In your demo, it outputs the contents of the rss “code”. Is this exactly how the full product works?

I’m looking for something similar to this, but need it to output it to a unique file, so that the user could then use that file in an rss reader. (With an id code in it that ties back to their inserted original rss feeds and keywords.)

Any plans to make multiple words allowed to be added? Either through a form for each word, or through separation by commas?

At the moment it is possible only to filter on the base of one word only. The output created contain every filtered news on the base of that word. The created file is renamed on the base of the searched word and on the date of the research, this make it unique and it is memorized inside the principal folder. It is possible to modify the output changing the title, the website, the language or adding the atom section.

So this is a static file? Or can the user continue to come back to that file, and it will perform new searches using the inserted keyword and rss feeds?

The results are memorized inside a new folder called [results] inside the main folder. This folder is created at the moment of the research. Besides the results a LOG file is created. The new file created with the filtered results is memorized inside a ZIP file. The name of the ZIP file and of the RSS (or XML) is created by the searched word and by the date of the research. It is possible to change the position of the results.

Hi, How to have rss link combinaison ? I have just zip file on result folder

The file is created inside the server when the script is positioned. The link is the route of the file

Clean and good, GLWS

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Can it just combine feeds without keyword?

2. is the feed auto updated with new posts?

1. No 2. No

So when you filter the feed, its static and never changes?