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Nice script. 1. What about the search engine friendly? Will Google automatically index the links? Does it have the functionality to create XML sitemaps? 2. Can you please cloak all those external links? Thanks

Also consider including Opengraph Tags. Thanks

Pre-sales question: can one control the amount and/or the format of the text included in the hover boxes? I ask because some of the text within some hover boxes are out of the field of vision.

HI there, the title is mostly to long. I truncated the title with just CSS (css ellipsis) or you could scale down the font-size. Or do you mean the popover text? This could be styled a bit more too with css. Some rss feeds have no proper format.

Hi I noticed it not search any other language keywords. . And is it possible to add a feed from other languages ( indian, european! And Chinese ) ?

Well try :) If it not works, I will check it out and fix it, also show me an example please.

Nice modification in RSSGenie .. Best of luck with the sales and still have some errors .. check .. !!

Thanks! where errors?

This should have been fixed

Hy dear vidal

Database need? How to install?

Thank you

Great! Thank you very much :)

Your welcome


I have an error with the admin access:

“Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/sites/u/ in /var/sites/u/ on line 33”

Can you help please. thank you

Your proposed fix seems to have worked fine. Thank you. Good Theme.


Great Work,

Is there anyway to have a different homepage, so you can choose what feed or source to add.

Have more blocks like links or whatever

I want to add this as a startpage.

How to change language, translate for french, or Arabic/RTL

I have a website about soccer, so its not needed to have topics in Frontpage.

Well, for now the index page automatically generated from the categories and topics. I will think about it. Currently it is only in english so you will need to translate it.

Its better to have a different homepage, is it RTL, support Arabic ? i can translate to French and Arabic

Any plans to add support for atom rss feeds? Many rss feeds are now of the atom type.


Hi, is there a way to show all feeds on one page? Thanks!

I think you have to make one category and then put all feeds under that category.

The site admin does not update properly if the script is installed in a directory and not in the root. Can you check on this and see if it can be fixed? Thanks

I will check this

hi, admin panel?

Yes it has admin-panel

script looks great however getting error message on your demo

Fatal error: Call to a member function getElementsByTagName() on a non-object in /home/codegeni/public_html/ on line 283

Ah thanks letting me know, on which page does this happen?

Once on site even the pre-set topics gave server error when clicking on Category & Sub-Category (tested XML feed URL though and it does work). Also changed the permissions on admin and feeds file like indicated in instruction and htaccess (but instructions do not list the 403 ErrorDoc handling, is that related? Tested both just in case) as per steps. Feed works in search box so it is reading something and providing results except even in that case Twitter feed does not return results (eventhough Status = On in Plugins). Must be a config or something I am missing. Thanks

Thanks Vidal for the email last week. It is a hosting issue with 1and1. all good.


Hello, I’ve got a little problem because i can’t delete feed in admin category. Nothing happen when i click.. I can add or modify cat but impossible to delete one. HAve a solution maybe ? Thx

ok, i opened the feeds.xml file to delete :)

Ok that is a way too.. You can also click the title and url and clear it, then save. It will delete

can I check admin panel ?

I only have screenshots of the Admin panel.

i can’t change category and delete it where i can do it?

i cant delete feeds too

Empty the input fields and click the save “checkmark icon” it should be deleted.

Am sure this script is still working perfectly well?

yes, all the current challenges experienced has been forwarded to your mail box as requested. Looking forward to your usual cooperation.

@baba1920 please send your email again, I cannot find anything under baba1920. It must have been slipped through somehow :)

This were our last coversation via mail Vidal Dewit Jan 25 (1 day ago) can you send me cpanel again > Ok I will send them. From: John Eleng <> > Vidal Dewit Jan 25 (1 day ago) i need to login with cpanel and your envato for complete fix ur issue

Hello how do I edit all the HOT TRENDS topics to my own keywords

Hi there, the HOT TRENDS are automated, but for some reason Google has dropped support of the hot trends feed. So this feature will be disabled in next update. You can comment out the PHP include in header.php

ok. But if that will be done then you should look at another alternative.


vidal Author

Yes, but could not find any yet and I don’t want to scrape.


motcinc Purchased

When I select a rss feed URL from the site, I get a URL not found. I also see nothing in the testfeed section in the Admin panel. Did I miss something in the setup or re-write rule?


motcinc Purchased

I using virtual host on my apache server. Can you share your web configuration for the demo site. I may have left something out or have something that is preventing my site. Thanks!


vidal Author

Emailed you.


vidal Author

change php ini with short_open_tag = on