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Erik09 Purchased

Hi, I just bought RSS autopilot. Where do I limit the number of imported posts per RSS?

I read in the comments (dated > a year ago) that this feature was going to be introduced shortly (See copy of these comments below) Did I misunderstand?



I want to limit each posts per rss. Please let me know how to do it. Thanks.

remembersh remembersh PURCHASED over 1 year ago Flag

for example, I want to get only 4 post per day for a rss…

CodeTiburon_Support CodeTiburon_Support AUTHOR TEAM over 1 year ago Flag

Hi, We are now testing the new version, which will also allow you to set the number of imported posts. We will upload it in a 7-10 days.


Could you please explain in more details regarding the limit that you need?
Note: you can limit the number of imported posts for a single Run here: \\

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Replied to you previous comment.

HI, I’m thinking of buying your plugin.

I have a few questions before. 1) Does it extract full text? 2) Can I add an header and featured image from my media? 3) Is there a scheduler so it runs automatically every morning?

Thanks in advance Hopefully you guys are my solution to very big problem of mine

Sorry for the delayed reply.
1) Yes, sure. The plugin can import full-text articles with images from most of the feeds
2) At the current version, there are no such options. You can specify a custom featured image for each feed or import images from the source article as featured. 3) There is no scheduling option for a specified time but you can configure the auto-update intervals (from 10min to 24h).

I’m looking to purchase an autoblogging plugin. I have a question about your plugin. Does it automatically post a published post to a Facebook page or do I need another plugin for that?

No, there is no such feature in our plugin but you can use some third-party plugin for this.

I am considering buying this plugin but I want to know if combined RSS feeds could also output the sources? For example if I combine feeds from Website A, Blog B, Site C, could I see in the individual articles at the top that it comes from Website A, B, or C? Thanks.

Basically, it is possible. The plugin could be configured to import full-text articles from several sources, but it will take more time than configuring feeds with articles from the one source, so we recommend to use the last one. If you could provide the feed URL that you want to use, we can say exactly if it works and help you with the configuration. Thanks!

Hello. Today, the pictures on the site have stopped loading. Tell me what happened!

Do you look today? And that week I can not already work.

Replied to your e-mail

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Hi, i have problem with this feed :

When try to use webscraper i get “Error loading HTML” .. I would like to extract the full content and image… Or is that impossible with this url/feed?

Hi working after open url on server change.. But one more question. See the feed above.. I want to grab the picture also, that working but the picture is not shown (empty) It is saved here: but nothing is shown in the blog…