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Cron feature urgently needed.


I bought this script purely on the basis of it running via cron! That’s half the point of this script!

Alas though the current version DOES NOT SUPPORT IT! This script is kinda useless without a cron option..

So is there any news on when a cron feature will be added? Older versions of this script had cron..

So I was majorly dissapointed when I realised the latest version DOES not support cron!

When is it going to be added? a rough eta would be cool.

Regards, Tom.

Hi Tom, I’m currently working on latest TopList update, after that I’ll continue on the RSSAggregator Update, sorry for the delay

Ohh btw – If you just focus on and add the cron feature then that would make this script one of the best of it’s’s allready pretty damn good but with cron option it would be the best! :0)

Thanks! We will add cron for sure!

just a presale question, do you do customization work, if you do let’s talk

Hi, it depends on what you need. Email me on my profile page.

Any news on adding cron suppot yet ? this script is kinda useless without it.

Yes, I hope to get it done this week! 100%

Hi! I’m searching for a script which I can add Feeds with content in different languages and where the user can filter the content in specific languages. For example: In Category “Funny” can be added multiple RSS Feeds and every Feed can be language “tagged” for Example 3 Feeds in english, get tagged as “english”, one feed is in german and can be tagged in “english” and two in french. Now the end user get shown all entries of all feeds but he can directly filter it to “english” and he get shown only the entries from the three english feeds. Or if he define “english and german” he get shown all entries from the three english feeds and the one german feed. – Is it possible to add a feature like this? – Best Regards, Sascha

I can’t login the demo site here: Can you fix? Thank you

Hi, there is no demo login at the moment. Sorry

That’s a shame! Is there an option to combine multiple feeds in the admin back-end?

Hi, multiple feeds can be applied to a category

Well done guys! this is now the best RSS Aggregator script on the planet. Nice one much impressed :0) will happily recommend..

Yeah thanks man! I’m doing my best trying to make cool stuff, that works!

Hi Vidal, Can demo admin panel also not working. Can you please fix demo link. I need to buy this. Thanks.

Hi Vidal, Rss is not working properly for example , giving an error line 69, column 6: XML parsing error: <unknown>:69:13: no element found, more details on site, could you please fix that problem, becouse the same is on my site. Thank you in advance

Ok we will check that, thanks for letting me know.

The system can store all RSS in database,or not?

Yes, there is an admin panel to store the rss feeds.

Hi, I just need a plugin to aggregate several feeds and output to single rss feed. I know that utilizes very little of the function o your plugin but is that something that your plugin can do? Thanks

except that it has the content linking to Here’s an example of my scenario: I’ll use cnn, NYtimes and usatoday as examples. I aggregate the feeds from those 3 sites into one feed. then the resulting article link would go to heir web site. Pretty basic, I know. But that’s what I need.

That is how it worked in the early days of the script, but I changed this, so could be done. Or try

Thanks. Yes, I know rssmix and that’s exactly how I want it to work but I need the control. Can you tell me how I can get your early days script?

This is a great product! In fact, we like it so much, we purchased two additional geni products. Some of our web settings had to be adjusted and we received GREAT support from vidal. Our site is up and we are delighted. Thanks for responding so quickly!