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How to delete or update an attachment?

To update an attachment, simply upload a new copy with the same name to the article, it will overwrite the original. I am working on removing/deleting attachments, and this will be in an update very soon.

How many files can be attached to an article?

The only limit is your hosting space. Generally speaking you would only attach a small selection of files, but if you want to add more, you can do.

Can we restrict the types and/or sizes of the files being attached?

You certainly can restrict the type of file attached, yes. You will need to edit one page in three places (Full instructions to make this change are in the archive). The size of files will depend mostly on the setting in your php.ini file, but you can change the size limit as high as you like in line with this setting. Changes are made in the same 3 places as the file types.

How do you relate an article to another article?

The related article list is built dynamically from a full text index on the “answer” field. The words in the “question” are matched against the content of all the other articles in the database, and the top 5 matches are displayed.

How do I change the wording on the application

To change the wording, open language.php from the includes folder. Change your text, then upload the file to the includes folder.

99% of text in the application is in the language file, so you should find it very easy to change a few words or phrases, or even translate the application to another language.

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