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Hello, Using visible nearby with youtube. Set autoplay=1 but video still not play automatically.


The autoplay option has no effect on the videos, it only affects switching of the slides.

You’ll need to use methods like stopVideo/playVideo to control the playback. Also note that all mobile browsers do not allow autoplay video.


Thanks Semenov

how can I insert a second gallery on the same page ?

Same options, but no it doesn’t work, only 1 gallery worked fine.

Here is an example, hope it helps.

using class it’s working but using ids it is not, try id=”gallery-1”... thanks anyway

Nice script. Is that possible to set slider as auto play background video?


No, the slider doesn’t have a built-in feature to autoplay video, you’ll need to use video JS API and slider API to control the playback as slides change.


Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to slide/change the image on mouseover of thumbnails, in addition to just clicking on them. Reference: Goal: (selection mode “Mouseover”)

There is no online example for such customization.

It should be easy enough to make one, right?

Yep. You can even run the code that I posted from console, on the demo page that you linked.

Hi, how many projects can I use this library?


One license allows usage on one website.


Hello Dmitry, how i can full responsive slider ? I use Bootstrap 3.3.7, column 50% width.

Thanks, working.

How do I create a ticket to help me get my plugin up and running, Followed instructions but can’t get the ( The Gallery with Fade and Vertical Thumbs ) to work on my static html site? I would like a step by step instruction to get my plugin to work exactly like the preview ( Gallery with Fade and Vertical Thumbs ).


You may create it at , please link to the page with the issue.


Hi, Thanks for the amazing slider.

When I focus out of the browser slider does not move. I want slider to keep going move.

How can I do that

Hi, is there an option to open a bigger version of an image in the visible nearby slider when clicking on it ? (pop-up / lightbox)


Fullscreen option, as shown here , can be enabled for any type of slider.

You can also integrate some third-party lightbox plugin.


Thank you for your quick reply. Great! This is exactly what I’m looking for.

Hi I have the multi thumbnail version of the slider as shown in the deep linking template example, but how do you turn thumbnail scrolling off please… as it scrolls to a blank section and you cant get back???

To turn off thumbnail scrolling, make sure that thumbs.navigation option is set to false, for example:

thumbs: {
  navigation: false,
  // other thumbnails options

Or switch to tabs: controlNavigation:'tabs'

will I there still be thumbs but just no scrolling?

Are you using the same options and styling as in demo? Please link to the page with the issue through contact form on my profile page.

Hello! Is possible to add a slider handle beyond the slider, like in the demo of the Royal 3D Carousel… i need a horizontal slider to navigate acoss the slides. thanks for your reply.


There is no option to add scrollbar that would drag slides. You can partly emulate it via bullets navigation by styling each bullet as a thin horizontal bar and removing spacing between.


Hey! I use this tool for years now! Best slider solution out there! I have bought it quite some time ago and nowadays I am just using wordpress.

So: Is there a way to upgrade from the html to the wp plugin version? Thanks a lot in advance! :)


Unfortunately, CodeCanyon doesn’t offer option for such upgrades.

I would like to create a photo slider like the first example in your demo (with title text), but for each photo the position and background color of the title text may be different. Are these options for the title text easy to change for each slide?

For example, the second slide might look like this:


You have full control of HTML content on each slide, it can be styled and positioned differently.


Great, thanks!

Is it possible to enable both vertical and horizontal scrolling? Perhaps if not out of the box, you could suggest the best way to customize? I’m looking for a functionality like


You may stack multiple sliders under each other and use browser scroll for vertical navigation.


Any easy way to disable slider on phone?

Thanks for the reply.

- Lazy loading enabled. - How do I set the slider not to initialize on small screens?

btw – I purchased the slider, don’t know why it does not appear the badge. I can send you the purchase code if needed.

This is discussion of simple jQuery version of the plugin? Are you asking about it, or Wordpress version?

Sorry, my mistake, it’s the wordpress version, now I understand why I dont see the purchased badge. I’ll write there, sorry for the trouble.

Hi, A couple quick questions before I buy—I’m interested in the deeplinking slideshow. I was wondering if:

1. Images can be displayed with their caption beneath them, not overlaid?

2. Thumbnails can be displayed below image captions?

3. The deeplinking is set up using Rel=”canonical” so that image urls won’t appear as duplicate content for SEO purposes and dilute the ranking of the image1 page (which would otherwise be the only page)

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back as I think this may be the only plugin on the market that does everything I need without a ton of bloat! Fingers crossed! :-)



There is a built-in template with image and text below , all you need is to change navigation from tabs to thumbnails.

Deeplinking option does not modify page content, it only allows to link to specific slide.


Oh thank you that template + thumbnails looks like exactly what I need! :) Yay! This has been so hard to find. (Oops, I just realized I posted in the wrong section-I actually need to buy the wordpress royal slider plugin. But I assume it works the same way.)

Sorry with the deeplinking I’m still a little unclear. I just meant when it creates a new url for each image, if other sites backlink to different images in a single slideshow, will google understand they are all linking to a single page source for SEO?

For Google – it’s a single page with multiple images, it does not create new pages.

Hi, I’m having difficulty using your slider. I’d like to implement a simple text slider with navigation tabs placed at the bottom of each slide for instance 01 02 03 04 so users can click each slide. Can you help please?

This doesn’t help me, it’s just a link to a demo of your slider.

This example with the code that it uses is inside archive that you downloaded from codecanyon ( templates/content-slider folder ).

Sorry about that, I had a moment shall we say! All working perfectly. Many thanks.

I am having problems with the sliders hiding some of my content, how do I adjust the heigh of the RS content? Size is being triggered by div class”rsOverflow” which is rendering a height of 320px;

element {cursor: -moz-grab; width: 460px; height: 320px;


Size of “rsOverflow” element is based on root element and selected navigation, please refer to for more details.

Hi, I have had few comments on here, and search is not showing any of my comments. Was it all deleted? I always refer back here and last night I posted a comment, and I don’t see it anymore.


No, CodeCanyon doesn’t provide an option to delete comments. What issue were you having?


Hello, your plugin work works with the new versions of jquery 3.3.1?


Yes. Are you having some issues with it?