Discussion on RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery

Discussion on RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery

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there any option to make the image zoom ?

Where is the option to download the WordPress installation?


This is a non-WordPress version of a plugin, WordPress version can be found here – Feel free to submit a refund request if you purchased wrong one by mistake.


Royal Slider seems to have a conflict with WP Rocket, which is a plugin used for code minification and page speed improvement. Inside of WP Rocket, when using the options Minify Javascript, Load Javascript deferred, and Delay Javascript execution, that leads to getting an error from RoyalSlider and the slider appearing as a grey block with no images:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).royalSlider is not a function

This error points to an inline script that Royal Slider is adding onto the page that has a slider.

Can you provide recommendations or see if the plugin needs code adjustments to help this work properly alongside WP Rocket? We tried a bunch of options with trying to exclude Royal Slider from these settings but ultimately had to shut off the Load Javascript deferred and Delay Javascript settings entirely which is not ideal as that affects our page performance.

Thanks for your help.


Try to check an option to include JS/CSS files on all pages (on RoyalSlider Settings page). If it won’t help – try exclude the plugin JS file from WP Rocket, they should have a filter or an option to do so. There is no need to minify RoyalSlider JS file, as it is already minified.

I want gallery slider shall auto scroll once page loads. How to do that ?

Hi Semenov,

Am I able to change the addActiveClass after initializing the slider? My theme uses this slider, but they don’t set this option to true, so I try to figure out how to set it.



It’s set during the initialization (`.royalSlider({...})` function), you’ll need to find where it is and adjust it.


Yes I know how to set it initially, but is there a way to set it afterwards?

There is a way, you may use `rsAfterSlideChange` event and dynamically adjust a class or some property of the current slide.

Can i put Google Adsense Code in this Content Slider and use it for rotating ads?

i dont want to put images – i want it to slide Script or code content?



Technically you can put any HTML content in each slide.

Hi, I have two small questions -

1. Can I create a product carousel that scrolls to the image whose thumbnail is clicked? 2. Can I position the slide to a specific image via an api call



> Can I create a product carousel that scrolls to the image whose thumbnail is clicked?

Are you referring to the carousel like

> 2. Can I position the slide to a specific image via an api call

There is goTo method, e.g.:

var slider = $(".royalSlider").data('royalSlider');
slider.goTo(2); // go to third slide

I have not received activation email, so I cannot activate online build tool (or support). It has been over two hours and I tried 3 times. email is not in junk or on server. suggestions?


I’ve activated your account manually. If you’re having some issue – feel free to email me directly, or access the forum.


I want to add your script to a certain section of a client website and I am wondering if this can be done using the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox WordPress plugin? This plugin uses an invert feature that I need to use for your script. I believe it should be easy enough to do.

Merci, Kym


If you’re looking for specifically WordPress version, it can be found here

Hello. This code: test alt tag

Converts into this after clicking the thumbnail:

Please help me tweak the javascript so the main image will have the proper ALT tag. This is for SEO purposes. Thanks!


You may use any HTML markup for each slide, to control the specific markup of each thumbnail use `div class=”rsTmb” `

I want ALT tag for the main zoomed image to be added and generated. I don’t care about the thumbnails.

I’ve replied to your thread related to alt attribute, please refer to the support forum.

Hello, is there any video slider for Port dakhla atlantique website. Thx


You may add the slider to any page via shortcode, widget or PHP function.

Hello sir. This script is perfect for image slider. There is any way to create carousel style slider? With just photos or images with link? Like owl-carousel for example?


The plugin is not designed for such layout, but you may place multiple content blocks per slide, or use nearby slides feature to show up to 3 slides at a time

I have tried multiple times to get my support account to send me an activation link and it is not coming thru. What are my options? I want to use the online builder tool. I have a purchase code, I simply am unable to finish validating my account.


I activated your account manually, you can always access kb directly via

in the example template – Gallery with full screen, the full screen option (clicking on the icon) does not work. Can u please enable it, so I can see how does the full screen behave on desktop and a mobile device.


Please elaborate in what browser are you getting the issue. I suppose you’re referring to this page ?

it works fine at the link you attached; however, when I tried to open it from and then click on the click on view all slider templates, the full screen options doesn’t work, and that is what I was referring too.

One more question please; in the full screen mode on a mobile, the pinch and zoom doesn’t work; is that an option that can be enabled or this feature isn’t supported at this time.

You can use default browser zoom, but there is no built-in zoom feature


I am wondering if this solution will be compatible with CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin for my website. I want to use this code management plugin to add your solution to my website please.

Merci, Kym


It’s a simple JS component, it can be added with any code editor.


Excellent code quality and very well explained, I put 5 stars and put it on a website that I share

Thank you very much

Im trying to follow the process for the Full width slider. It will be so usefull having a video tutorial.


Please elaborate what exactly issue are you having, or link to the page that you’re working on.

Hi could we use the slider to upload google ads? Thanks


Each slide can contain any HTML, but there is no specific integration with google ads.

Hey! I opened a support ticket in RoyalSlider Support website. I need to fix an issue ASAP. Thanks.

I fixed some things (I think so), but I need to move the two divs ”.rsArrow” (left and right) out of the div ”.rsVisibleNearbyWrap”, to avoid “overflow: hidden” because I need the arrows to be positioned at the bottom of the slider near the index indicator of the slider (# of #).

I checked the code and noticed that these div elements are in the jquery.royalslider.min.js file.

I wonder if there is any way to get this using any “wp-hok” in the functions.php file.

Thank you.

Replied to your support ticket, if you’ll have more questions – feel free to ask.


I want to develop a Carousel as following below. Can i achive this with your slider plugin.

Could you give me a demo like this on jquery version.

Target Carousel =>

Thanks in advance.


Such layout can be created with the RoyalSlider, but you’ll need to adjust styling, as there is no pre-built demo that looks exactly like it.


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