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why force close after install apk? ‘i’m build from original source code… I haven’t changed anything

Can you see any error in logcat android studio , any way contact me on whatssap to see how tp solve this issus 00212666534946

i didn’t find any error in logcat … pls check your source code…

Code work correctly in my devices , please describe whats happen , where exactly the app force close ? Are you renaming the packages ? What modifications you apply in the app befor youe run it , i need more details to know what the issus

Hi Sir Nice app: Just a question. I have 1 Regular License when I got time I am considering to buy more licenses, my question is did this app compelled with the new update Google’s policy?, you understand how this app work more than your buyers, are we good to go? thank you for making clear this, about a recent update Google Play Developer Program Policy ? “We’ve updated our Device and Network Abuse policy with an additional example addressing apps that facilitate proxy services to third parties. We don’t allow apps that interfere with, disrupt, damage, or access in an unauthorized manner the user’s device, other devices or computers, servers, networks, application programming interfaces (APIs), or services, including but not limited to other apps on the device, any Google service, or an authorized carrier’s network.

Apps on Google Play must comply with the default Android system optimization requirements documented in the Core App Quality guidelines for Google Play.

Here are some examples of common violations:

Apps that block or interfere with another app displaying ads. Game cheating apps that affect the gameplay of other apps. Apps that facilitate or provide instructions on how to hack services, software or hardware, or circumvent security protections. Apps that access or use a service or API in a manner that violates its terms of service. Apps that attempt to bypass system power management that are not eligible for whitelisting. Apps that facilitate proxy services to third parties may only do so in apps where that is the primary, user-facing core purpose of the app.

Hi, what is today 8/23/2019 new update ?

Re theming , fixing minor bugs


difference between regular and extended license ?? And why negative reviews on playstore?

Hello adeel Regular license is for personal use , extended license is for reuse the code to make more than copy for your clients or resell the source code on codecanyon or any other website , about negative review there is many reasons , for example competitors, incomptabilty with some android versions for example android 8 and above , that lead to carshs

can I change the source and language of your app? can I send Push Notification to users? can I manage and see how many Users use our App? is that have nay ADMIN panel?

You can add a string file of your language if not exist , about push notification you can simply impliment Onsignal with very easy steps in app and send notifications , app dosnt have any admin panel , and you can see users from firebase project

00:25 Generate Signed APK: Errors while building APK. You can find the errors in the ‘Messages’ view.

Can u paste the error exactly in the message view , have you changed the signing config in with ur one key,pass, path ?!!

Hello I could already fix my problem, but now I see another one which is that the VPN only has few countries.. How can I fix that?

Hello , the app use free vpn servers provided by , in most case there is 99 servers , the number may be higher or less depende of online servers etablished by

I was planning to buy this project but I have seen many bad reviews on play store and I tried demo app most of the server are not connect many few are connect, this will impact to the app in play store & I read feedback of people on codecanyon right now then I think there is error also, so i am confused to buy or not.

there is any alternative vpn servers which i can change the vpn servers in this app

plz give me any contact id to contact u in personal so i can discuss u about this project

Contact me on whatssap +212666534946

The app crashes on Android 9. Please fix it

Hi Currently app dose not target android 9 , we will make it run on android 9 in next update

We fix it now

Sir it’s possible to put my servers and replace vpngate

No sir , app coded to parse only servers from vpngate

How to change Vpn Server in this app?

Vpn servers provided by , it can not be changed from out source

your most of server don’t connect then how to solve that problem without change servers tell me plz?

ERROR: Unable to resolve dependency for ’:app@debugAndroidTest/compileClasspath’: Could not download espresso-core.aar (

please check your emai i send you some solutions

As first and temporary solution do not update gradle if android studio ask u while importing your project , if the error still not fixed try to make the project run with android studio 3.0

Also note that the error related to downloading required arr file , so run your android as administrator to be able to download required dependncies and make sure you have an active internet connection


We recently purchased your Royal VPN from Codecanyon.

We have done everything that you mention in Documentation, but the app do not work with our package name. It show offline mode and do not load the servers.

When we put back your package name in json & buildgradle then it works fine.

If you have any skype ID please let us know, we have sent you email as well with our ID.

Thanks for contacting us, i hope the app work now