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Incredible! So far, this bootstrap skin is the most I liked. Well done.

BTW , don’t you think disabled buttons should sit still when hovered?

Hi the dropdown menus don’t work. I like this skin though, very nice.

Agreed. I actually thought the hover stayed in black font, but it seems to turn white. I’ve just sorted this, but it’s no big issue in the meantime! And all the dropdown features work for me, what browser did you try it in? Try removing the CodeCanyon Frame at the top, then see if it works :)

Many thanks and appreciate the words! JMD

I use chrome and it doesn’t show dropdown menues, when hovering or when pressing the button. Even the tabs menu doesn’t show the smooth transition, maybe there is no information in there?

also, if you can make the scroll to top be smooth (rather than a hard pg up) that will make this even better imho.

Sorry for additional entry, but it seams that I cannot reply my own comment, if it is not replied.

Please take a look at original bootstrap disabled buttons. They don’t change a bit on hover. But your disabled buttons grow and change font color. It think, they should not be alive in any ways. Only a slight change of background color won’t be enough for many people, they won’t be able to tell they are disabled.

Unlike goldstrikn, pop ups seem to work for me with Chrome.

Good job, best wishes

demo seems to be extremely broken for me

chrome/windows 7-64

Fixed. My site was down on CDN .

Love your colour scheme. However, there are a few bugs:

1. On iPhone, your blue Twitter triangle label on the top right corner is blocking the normal nav-top pull down that should appear for phones.

2. On iPhone, the theme fills only 80% of the width, leaving a blank strip on the right.

One advice: It is best not to modify the base Bootstrap files, but instead, have a “skin” on top of it, like how Bootstrap’s own doc.css does. So your buyers can just add your “skin” on top, and it will overide the default Bootstrap stylings, giving them a diff. look.

is this skin could be available for bootstrap 3.x ?

tks ! chris