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Great work! :-)

Thanks ;)

Can I use it to showcase two different images side-by-side? So for example, lets say I do a case study of my new website vs my old website. Can I us this to show visitors the before and after of the two site mockups?


Thanks for the interest. Here is an example of Side by Side effect of our shortcode: http://wp-royal.com/plugins/before-after-image/side-by-side/

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Hi can you advise the slider only shows after a page refresh ? it works beautifully after that but initially i have to refresh the page to get the slider to show.


Please send me your website url where you have an example of your “before/after” image and I will inspect the issue.

Cheers, Duke ;)

Hi again,

I’ve checked hundreds of times but it works perfect initially and even after soft or hard refreshes. Can you please be more specific? It’s 100% perfect on my end.

Duke :)

Hi if you go to my site and click on Lightroom presets to take you to the page the issue will show.


Thanks for you help

So strange…

I see that your current wordpress theme is ajax based and that’s what is causing the problem. Can you ask your theme support to give you a code snippet which will trigger page load when the “Lightroom” is clicked? That will definitely solve your issue.

Cheers ;)

Hi, am I able to add lazy load to the slider? I have a php script and this code added to the image source to load lazy load (per wp rocket – since not all photos were utilizing lazy load); img

src=”” data-lazy-

It works on all my photos except those in Twenty Twenty plugin. So, I was hoping your plugin would be able to work, with the data-lazy load code. Please let me know. Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

I’m not really sure if it will work with lazy load, but one thing to be mentioned there is no magic done, just images wrapped by some divs.

Cheers ;)

nice job mate . good luck ^^

Thank You :)