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Hi, I have recently bought this player, it works great, but I have few issues:

As per the player feature, it is mentioned that it can automatically generate

“Playlist from folder, create playlists from folders with .mp3 files plus ID3 metadata detection”

1. Using the folder play, it is generating playlist from my mp3 folder and playing fine, but problem is it cannot generate title, artist, etc, info of any of my songs, i am using cms code as below


Title: My playlist 5


Description: This playlist is created from a folder of mp3 files.


2. on the feature “Uninterrupted audio playback across web pages (pop-up player in a separate window and browse the web while listening to music without interruptions!”

How can I configure this player for Uninterrupted audio playback on my site, the player just stops as soon as I click on any other link within the website.

I want to configure this player to continuously run in the background while browsing another link on the website.

Please help…


About the folder each mp3 file has to have a title and an artist meta in order to be read correctly.

About the uninterrupted feature it works if you popup the player there is a popup button.

Please email me at tibi_diablo@yahoo.com for more questions.

Best regards.

Tibi – FWD.

Buyer Beware… If this plugin conflicts with your existing configuration, the seller will send you a message like this: “After careful review, FWDesign has decided to decline your request to refund your purchase of Royal Audio Player Wordpress Plugin. They provided the following reason:

Please contact me at tibi_diablo@yahoo.com I would like to investigate this issue.

So I contacted this person and he expects me to give them admin access to my site. Why would I do that?

I use lots of premium and free WordPress plugins, with zero conflict. But Royal Audio Player causes my Admin Menu to freeze up. It doesn’t scroll to allow the full menu to display. When I disabled Royal Audio Player, everything is working again.

This plugin is the problem… But the seller will not give a refund. Don’t make the mistake I did of trusting the list of features and reviews. Spend your money with a seller who values you as a customer.


I’ve already given you an answer. I want to investigate this issue, I think is a 5 minutes fix I think is fair to allow me to see what is the problem.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi Tibi,

Purchased your wordpress plugin from code canyon but I have a couple of questions

I have a youtube playlist with 500 tracks but your player is only loading half (250) and in the following order:

Tracks 1-50 1-50 (as 51-100 in RAP) 51-100 (as 101-150 in RAP) 51-100 (as 151-200 in RAP) 101-150 (as 201-250 in RAP) 101-150 (as 251-300 in RAP) 151-200 (as 301-350 in RAP) 151-200 (as 351-400 in RAP) 201-250 (as 401-450 in RAP) 201-250 (as 451-500 in RAP)

You claim we can have unlimited playlists with unlimited tracks so it seem like there might be a problem somewhere

Second question is that I can see in the player itself an option to sort the tracks in descending order by track number but is there any way I can set it that way on load. I’m doing a “countdown” style playlist from 500 down to 1 and it would be nice if I could have it automatically set that way on load.


Just tried it again and it still has the same problem. It must be something on my end that I’m missing. Would it be easier if you have a look and see if you figure it out?

Yes I think this is a good idea. Please send me admin and pass at tibi_diablo@yahoo.com and I will look into it.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Cheers for that, sent you an email


iqadry Purchased

Hi Tibi,

Why is it keep saying NOT DEFINED in my audio player?

Please check this link: http://ismailqadry.cyberwrathinternetmarketing.com/test-shortcodes

I already put all the titles in your plugin and it still persists! Please help and guide me how to fix this title issue.


iqadry Purchased

Jed La Rosa already emailed you about the login details right? Please kindly forward all your messages to my developer. Not to me please. I dont have any programming background.

Ok, who is your developer?

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.


iqadry Purchased

He just dropped a message here. Thanks.

Hi Tibi, its me, Jed. The developer of Iqadry. Please forward me the status of the issue please.

Please email me at tibi_diablo@yahoo.com.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Version 4.6 Release Date 08.10.2017

  • Added support for encrypted track (audio / video) paths, for example the path content/videos/fwd-720p.mp3 will be encrypted to encrypt:70de891f83b42a958770b738fd3b66f2 this way it will be impossible to steal the track by crawling the page source.
  • Private password protected tracks, example here. Test password is Melinda.
  • Optional start playing at a specific time and / or stop playing at a specific time.
  • Added optional randomize / shuffle playlist, this feature allows to start with a random / shuffled playlist every time the page is visited.
  • Added optional playback rate / speed button and playback rate / speed control window.
  • Added the possibility to start or stop a track at a specified time.
  • Added two new methods in the API setPlaybackRate and scrubbAtTime.
  • Added the option to start playing a track after the playlist has loaded and autoplay is not enabled.
  • Updated documentation (added section about how to get a mp3 / mp4 source from google drive, more API methods, etc).

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Please, can it be full width and sticky to either header or footer?


Yes if your layout allows it RAP can be set to any width and height, I also have the sticky version of RAP maybe this one will work better for you http://www.webdesign-flash.ro/w/msp/index.html .

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

I emailed you a support question, please help. Thx

do you have another email as i have sent it 3 times now, check your spam as well.

did you get my email?

Yes I got it. I will look into it tomorrow when I get to office.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Version 4.7 Release Date 27.10.2017

  • Added optional lazy scrolling / loading, the posibility to initialize RAP on scroll when the product is visible in the page, this way for example if the product is in a section of a webpage that is not visible it will not be initialized, instead the RAP will be initalized only when the user is scrolling to that section in which RAP is added..
  • Fixed bug related to the playlist combobox / selector if the height of it is too small.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

I have purchased the royal player and it is completed with my customized setting however my hosting does not allow this to be generated on my site I need a recommendation for a hosting that will allow me to embed my player on my website please help


Please send me an email at tibi_diablo@yahoo.com .

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.f


verit01 Purchased

Hi, work with WPML? Thanks


I don’t know what WPML is, please give me more details.

Best regard. Tibi – FWD.