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Thank you!! :)

Awesome plugin! SVGs rule :) GLWS

Thanks! :superbashfulcute:

Very nice. I think this will make a top buy. Is there a way to add your own graphic or how to make the svg graphic?

Nope. But we can also add your SVG in our plugin if you want. :)
We are also taking some suggestions for future updates.

Hello, we just recently updated our plugin with the feature of adding your own SVG. :superbashfulcute:

YES!! Another Amazing Next Level #GambitTech creation! Once again, will be buying this awesomeness asap for sure (curious, was going to desk out ‘try it yourself demo’ link buttons but just goes to the preview so you know) Thnks for your amazingness again!$

We have notified our developers regarding this matter. They’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for the appreciation and heads up. :superbashfulcute:

On the other hand, its all fixed now. Thanks again!

i was wondering if you can help me as to which settings i need to edit to make this Arrow Inward Small #2 version?

Here is a screenshot of how it looks like: http://prntscr.com/80mnjs If you can’t see the Launch Demo, you might need to open an Incognito/Private window. As you might have cached the page.

i tired copying the demo theme from the demo back-end area you have set up and it isnt working properly on my site. It only builds the section for half the page

Please provide us a Sample Page with your Row Separator on. This way, we can check it out, we’ll help you fix it. :)

Also, we recommend you to post a ticket in our Support Website at http://support.gambit.ph

Awesome plugin, bought it right away. Any plan to add more separators? I like the stitches pattern, it’d be great if you’d consider adding that in one of your updates :)

Just some ideas. I think these will look nice with natural texture backgrounds, like linen or leather.

http://www.123stitch.com/pictures/TT-INSTI.jpg http://www.cutevector.com/incl/data/big/0944-leather-texture-backgrounds.jpg

Thank you for the awesome ideas. I’ll let our developers know about this one. :)

On the otherhand, we also updated our plugin where you can also add your own SVGs.

I cannot get this to work on my theme. Can you help me by looking and tell me if I am doing it wrong?

First and foremost, when you mentioned not working, in which part it doesn’t work? Do you have Visual Composer? Are you able to see the menu? Does the row separator you created giving any outputs? In this matter, we recommend you to file a ticket in our Support Site at http://support.gambit.ph/ :)

Excellent products!!! Any chance of releasing PHP or non-WP versions of your products? Best wishes

Thank you. :)

Currently, WP version is the only one available. But if we find out some ways to implement for non WP versions, then we’ll probably try.

Great one.. but also I checked your portfolio and found that every plugin you do is very interesting and can be useful for my next projects. I want to ask if you have some kind of all in one option for your addon’s?


We have been thinking of something like this before. While we can’t say anything definitive right now, let’s just say it has been raised and may be done in the future. :superbashfulcute:

Please add ability to add our own SVGs. You have very nice designs but we also would like to add our own designs.

Hello there, we are also thinking about this one. :)
Our developers are looking for ways where you can upload a custom SVG without any difficulties. We want it as simple and easy to do as possible.

Hi there! Just letting you know, our latest update can now add your own SVGs. :superbashfulcute:

+1 with @rphrus2 and @robertmonroe :D

Update is up! You can now add your own SVGs. :)

I need a tutorial on how to use i have all mostly all the visual composer plugins and i don’t know how to get this to work anyway a tutorial can be provided i was trying to add this to my site and some examples of designs and how to use would be great if you could take the time out to make a quick video tutorial id appreciate it very much. I wanted to add this behind my comments or incorporate as a footer background idk if this can be accomplished.

Hi there,

We don’t have a video tutorial yet, but we can guide you around on this one.

First off, as soon as you installed and activated our plugin, proceed on ‘Add New Page’ (or go edit your existing page). Go to Backend Editor and click on Add Element. You’ll be able to find the Row Separators in there: http://prntscr.com/81t0q2

When you add a Row Separator, there will be some settings where you can choose: http://prntscr.com/81t1mr The menus have descriptions on what they do, this will help you better.

But if you want a ‘live’ example of our separators, you can view our ‘Live Preview’ in our product page. Then click on ‘Launch Demo’. This will direct you to our sandbox backend with sample page from our demo itself.

If you have any questions, send us a reply and we’ll do whatever we can to help. :)

@99graphicdesign At their Live Preview page, click LAUNCH DEMO at the top menu, it’d bring you to the back-end where you could see how the demo page is being setup. And. of course a video tutorial would be helpful, too.

I’ll be noting down this video tutorial in my suggestion list. :)

Great plugin. 1) Would love to see a visual cheatsheet of all built-in styles. 2) Would the “upload your own .svg” option support transparency? I’m currently using a curve effect on one site (https://cloudup.com/i8qdOQicQNQ), but it’s simply added to the header image. I would love to reproduce this with better responsiveness, by your solution. But the uppermost part would overlay the header image, so I’d need transparency there. 3) Your existing “Curve Side #2” seems the closest in-build. Could this be tweaked to be horizontal, as opposed to angled? Again, could the top be transparent, or not yet, or not possible? Thanks.

Thank you. And about your questions:

1. You can go to our Live Preview and click on the ‘Launch Demo’. This will create a backend sandbox with the demo page in it. You’ll see the styles in there.

2. Do you mean adding an opacity on the SVG? Yes, this is possible (through custom CSS) but we do not recommend it at the moment, as we are still addressing a few concerns regarding this one.

3. The tweak available for our separator is that you can flip the SVGs. And number 2 also applies again with the transparency part.

1. It would make it a lot faster in choosing a separator to have a page even with .jpgs of the 70 variations available. 2. No. I mean, for example, that the upper edge of a curved .svg would be transparent, and so, on a parallax background, there would not be a horizontal line on scroll, but an actual curved line. 3. I hope you can add a style in an update that is horizontal curved separator. Thanks

1. Good idea. I’ll note this down as a suggestion. :)

2. Yes, they will be transparent. As the SVG will only specify the paths you will put on the shapes with.

3. Noted for suggestion too.

Thank you for sharing us your suggestions. If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a reply.

Hi team,

It will be great if you add more business-like or fashion-like style separators. Funny ones rarely liked by clients.

Thanks, Igor

Hello Igor,

We have around 70+ Customizable Separators in different styles. If none of them piques the client’s fancy, we also have an option where you can add your own SVG. Not to mention that we are also willing to take suggestions in case one came up with a design ideas. :)

Great! Thanks. Bookmarked a plugin. Igor

You’re welcome and have a good day. :)


always, I download “illegal” version before to buy theme or plugin in Envato. I love your plugin but, it seems that it’s impossible to install with “Avada” theme.

I have this error :

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare glues_it() (previously declared in /home/monsieu1/public_html/wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/plugins/multiple_sidebars.php:623) in /home/monsieu1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/row-separators/class-row_separators.php on line 321

Glue function doesn’t works.

Question : if I buy your plugin, can you resolve this issue?

Best regards


Hello Damien,

We have tried to use an original copy of Avada 3.8.5 with the Row Separators plugin. It is working just fine.

We do not have any glues_it() function in our plugin. The illegal copy you downloaded added this function in our code. (Who knows what other stuff they have added). It also seems that your Avada theme has this same exact function.

Also, if you buy Row Separators, we have a dedicated support system if you get across with problems in our plugin.

Custom SVGs not working at all for me.

Noted. I’ll forward this to our developers for investigation. Thank you for the heads up. We’ll notify you once we get our findings.

The latest update has the custom SVGs working perfect, awesome! Just left 5 stars rating for you.

That’s nice to know. Thank you! :)

i submitted a ticket 3 days ago and still no help :(

Due to observance of holidays back in August 21, the Support Website was offline. And we are open by weekdays, 9:00AM-6:00PM in GMT +8 timezone.

Since the Support Website is up now, we are currently replying on our tickets.
We’ll attend on your ticket as soon as possible. :)

Film strip sprocket holes (like the perforated but rectangles) would be nice, if you are taking suggestions. ;)

PS It would also be nice if you included the individual svg files so we could use them as a guide for creating new ones.

I looked at that file but couldn’t figure out how to import them into Adobe IL.

If they can add the film strip thing this week I’ll buy your CSS Animator and give both 5 stars. :) If you want my email to send a hot fix for testing let me know.

In this case, we’ll just send you a copy of SVG code of the film strip design so you can paste it in the Custom SVG tab. Since updating the whole plugin for single SVG might not be enough.

We can add the SVG design on the next version, but you can use the code as Custom SVG for the meantime.

As for when this will be delivered, please give us a day or two just in case. We’ll post a reply containing the SVG code by then.

Thanks! I just sent you a email.

just made my deposit into code canyon to buy this – but the wp-try-out demo does not seem to allow me to recreate what you have done. My tries look pretty empty skinny and bleak! Do you have instructional information anywhere that I can view?

Hello, can you tell us what did you do on the demo? You can tell us the settings and Row Separator you used. This way, we can try to reproduce the scenario you’ve been.

thanks for answering, I went ahead and became a customer of yours even though I had not heard back from you. I tried it on MY wordpress and so far – following the instructions in the documentation – using a row with a blue solid background and clouds top and bottom, the clouds are white only background is all I still get.

What would help immensely is a youtube video showing how to make it work, i’m thinking it’s gotta be something I’m doing wrong but I followed the included instructions.

can you tell me your youtube address?

thanks David

Hi David,

Currently, we don’t have a Video Tutorial for this plugin. But we have our Demo Sandbox from the Live Preview.

You can go to Live Preview and click on ‘Launch Demo’. This will direct you to a sandbox backend with the exact pages from our demo. There you can check our setup and settings for ideas on how to do them.

You can start by either checking on the settings or copying the shortcodes it provided. In case the output appears to be different from what it should be in the sandbox, you can send us a screenshot and/or page you are working on. This way, we can walk you through it.