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Hi Gambit,

I have set up the separators in my builder. I have some things that are not clear:

1) You are using a svg attribute data-height! What is that? Is it the viewbox max-height value ?

2) each svg has a CSS height of calc(0.125 * 100vw). Why doesn’t it use the svg attribute data-height value ?

I need to add an option for the height on the separators but I am confused on what type of value.

Thank you!

Hi Mediacreed,

About your questions: is the native SVG height that is affected by the scaling settings set in the row separator settings. The scaling is multipled by the specified height.

The formula for that is as follows: $height = (int) $svgs[ $atts[‘separator’] ][‘height’] * (float) $atts[‘scale’]

2. The calc value is a formula that ensures the separator is always proportional to the width constrained therein. The formula for that is as follows:

SVG height from data-height / Separator Width * 100vw

If you want to alter the height of the separator outright, you can change the $svgs[ $atts[‘separator’] ][‘height’] into something else. :)

Hi Gambit,

Don’t know if you had a question like in the comments but here it goes:

How can I use the separators Vertically. Are they build only for horizontal sections ?

If I can what do i need to change in order to convert them to be used vertically ?

Thank you!

Yes, they are built specifically as horizontal separators. If you wish to use them vertically, you will need a combination of CSS and Javascript to make them work vertically. Transform parameters rotate and translate will properly skew them, while a javascript will be needed to properly adapt the separators to the intended height.

A little note though, it might take more work than necessary to get it done right, as it wasn’t designed that way. :P

Hello. There is an issue I’m encountering where the separator cannot be hidden in a VC column when the column settings—> responsive options are set so that the column will not be visible on certain devices. E.g. if I don’t want a row to display on mobile devices, I can hide the column using the responsive options under VC, but the row separator remains visible regardless of whether it’s on its own in a column or if there is other content in the column.

Hello! We received a similar ticket earlier and we are working on it. We’ll be releasing our next version soon. We just need to do some testing as well.

But if you need a workaround, this can be also be fixed by applying a media query CSS with display: none attribute for smaller screens. :)


can you tell me how to get rid of a faint border on the arrow? it is almost like there is a stroke but I have that turned off.

Hello! :) I believe that we have resolved a ticket with this similar behavior.

We advice you to file a ticket to our support Site, so we can send you a dev copy with the fixes. :)

Hi there! I have trouble with this plugin. When i click on back button in my browser the settings fly off and when i reload the page all is good. How to solve this problem?

Hello there, can you tell us what you meant about “the settings fly off”? Is there a way for us to reproduce this? Also, it will be best if you file this issue to our Support Site so we can assist you better. If you can provide us a sample page with the issue, that will be very helpful as well. :)


IpaVaigo Purchased

Hi, I have submitted a ticket yesterday and also just now, but i have not received a confirmation yet. Could you please check and follow up? Thanks! :)


Gambit-Alyssa Author Team

Hello there, just letting you know that we just sent a response to your ticket. :)