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Is it possible to use this plugin with woocomerce product page?

Yes it should. As long as you also enable Visual Composer on your Product post type.

why doesnt wordpress allow this plugin to be installed??? unzipped it, uploaded it through ftp but the plugin doesnt get displayed among the plugins so i cant even activate it ?

Please double check your plugins page and FTP for any existing Row Separator files/folders, make sure to delete them. Then, download the “Downloadable WordPress File only” and this copy can be uploaded using plugins menu.

How do I fill the background, there’s nothing saying about it in the plugin

For the background, you can just add a background color in your row’s Design Options.

can this rows be on a parallax?

Can you tell us more what you meant? But in general, adding any row and element inside parallax should be possible.

HI, Is there an option to make the separators full width?

never mind. i see now

If you have any other question, feel free to ask. :)

I’m having trouble changing the main colour. It is always black. i can change the decoration colour but how do i change the man colour?

You can change it by adding a Background Color on the same row where the Row Separator is. You can set the background color using the Design Options.


A few days ago I sent an email but still I haven’t received any response. Contact me though the email I sent you so I can send you the new address to check my problem.

As far as the tickets are concerned, we usually send our replies within one working day. Please send an e-mail again, and please make sure that you are sending it in our Support site and not via Code Canyon. Regards! :)

Hello, i send you a email on 22/7 do you get it?

My apologies, but we haven’t receive any e-mail related to this plugin yet. By any chance, we advice you to use our Support Site instead.

This will deliver straight in our Support Team.

Alternatively, you can also just tell us your concerns here as well.

None of the examples on the demo site seem to be working so I can’t see how this might work :-(

Apologies for the inconvenience. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can. We’ll let you know by then. :) Thank you for the heads up!

No worries – hopefully it’s a simple fix for you guys!

Please try to check our Live Preview again. It should be working properly now. :D

Hello. It seems like your demo does not work? I am interested in your plugin, but I cant see it working anywhere…

Demo is finally working again. :D Feel free to give it a try.

Is this broken?

Nope its not. Please check our Live Preview again. Hopefully it should be fixed now. :)

Hello there. I just purchased the plugin and installed and add it through visual composer to one of the pages of the site.

The plugin is not working properly. I think there are some layout issues , the raw is not stretched to be full browser wide size (even if I changed the setting of the row in the visual composer as”stretched”) and also the colors are not working properly. i have selected 2 colors but one of the decoration parts still shows in white. (see image).

I have submitted a ticket in your support page.

Please le tme know asap.


Hi there! And apologies for the late reply.

There are some instances where the background cannot be stretched fully in the screen. This is usually caused when the theme layout constraints all the contents in a certain width. This will also forcibly restrict the width of the Row Separator as well.

To give this a workaround, you can either check if your theme do also have a Full-Width template, or you can also add a Custom CSS that will stretch your Row Separator to 100vw.

Hello, thanks! My theme is “Writing” and i think is not full width. Could you provide a css for me to stretch the row and make it work? Thanks

You can add a Custom CSS with width: 100vw !important targeting the row that you want to be Full Width. For this case, it is better that you also add a Custom ID/Class for the row that you want it to be Full-Width and use that as the target.

I’m having trouble changing the main colour. It is always black. i can change the decoration colour but how do i change the man colour? It won’t change even after adding a background color the row.

Hello ckeathley! In any standard version of VC, the background color should work properly. But there are some instances where a theme have modified the Visual Composer (mostly the ones with bundled VC).

In this case, they probably have changed the standard behavior of Row Background which prevents our plugin to read the background color/image of the row. In this case, you might need to add a Custom CSS to manually add a Row Background instead.

Hi, i search for a visual composer addon for arrows betwenn some content blocks (layers) with one arrow to the next and one to the previous box to easy navigate. Is it possible? Have you any idea?

Row Separator is a plugin that adds decorative SVGs in between rows. I am not sure what do you exactly search on. But are you referring to a one page scroll?

Hi, will you be making this as a standard plugin so it works without VC?

Currently, the Row Separators are only available for VC. But we also have plans to find a way of possibly implementing this in such way people can use it as a standard plugin. But this will be in a future release. :)