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Hi, quick pre-buy question: Is it possible to make a fade in on scroll animation, similar to this page? https://www.allbirds.com/pages/our-story

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, this is possible. We have Fade In entrance animation. You can also check our Live Preview and click on the Launch Demo if you want to give it a try in a sandbox. :)


Is it possible to develop them in muffin builder or you must use visual composer?


Hi St0le, the Row Scroll Animations is only usable with Visual Composer at the moment. But given if there are more people who ask for the integration, we might also consider this idea. :P

Hi, I’ve tried your plugin with the Jupiter theme and the X theme but it doesn’t work well with either. I REALLY want to use this plugin, do you have any recommended themes that it works with?

For optimal usage of Row Scroll Animations. We recommend themes that is using a standard and non-modified version of Visual Composer. This is to assure a more consistent result for Row Scroll Animations.

Need the html? Do you have html version?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there! Row Scroll Animation is for WordPress only.

Hello seems to be a great plugin! I have pre-sale question

I want to achieve a horizontal slider like this website has http://valaire.mu/

In homepage there is a part of the albums, its uses scrollmagic to present the albums slider horizontally with mouse and at the end of the slider it continues scrolling vertically to view the next content. That is what i am looking for, does this plugin achieve’s that?

Hiya Joseph,

Unfortunately, this is not exactly what our plugin is intended to. What Row Scroll Animations exactly do is to animate VC rows and contents in it. It adds entrance and exit animations (mostly are vertical) to give a more interesting transition in between rows. :)

If you still wish to check how our plugin works, feel free to click on our Live Preview. We have sample animations and a Launch Demo where you can give the plugin a try.

Regards! :)

Hi, is it possible to change the “start height” of the exit animation for example for the “scale smaller” effect. The default right now is as i read 1/3th of the top. Is it possible to change to 1/2 or something like this? Thanks!

Hi! Have you tried our Entrance and Exit delay by any chance? This is what they supposedly do in the animations. :)

I can not find the installation code in the folder I downloaded from the Row Scroll Animations for Visual Composer plugin Please tell me something … thanks

Hello there! Did you mean you are trying to upload the plugin by any chance? :)

If you downloaded the Downloadable WordPress File from the plugin page, then the exact zip can be uploaded.

On otherhand, if you downloaded the Whole Plugin and Documentations, you might need to look for the plugin file inside the ‘plugin’ folder. Regards!


I am very interesting buying Row Scroll Animations. I have only one question.

I want to build an one-page website, with one page navigation adding Cube Animation in each section.

Let say there are 5 full height sections, when a user select the last section from menu then the effect would animate all the previous sections till the last or it would just show directly the last section using the animation?

Kind regards

Hi there,

With regards to your question, this will depend on your one page scroll plugin. What Row Scroll Animation does is to simply add the transitions between each row.

If your One Page Scroll plugins goes through all the rows, then the Row Scroll Animations from all the rows will trigger till you reach the last row of your page.

But if you are using a different transition for One Page Scroll, depending on the animation, it may only just hop on the last row (triggering the last row’s animation) or not animate at all (if you are using an animation that may override the row scroll animations).

The best way to use one page scroll with Row Scroll animation is to have a simple one page scroll that will scroll through the whole page without extra animations. :)

Hi, is background-colour-change “on scroll” or “on next row” supported?

Hi there. We don’t have this feature right now, but we’ll take note of this just in case. :)

Hi, A quick pre-buy question: Is it possible to make a scroll animation, similar to this http://harbour.space/ If yes I will purchase right away

Hi there! The scrolling animation from the site you’ve linked to looks more like a custom animation made exclusively for the site. To answer your question, some of them are achievable with the Row Scroll Animation, some of them are not.

Examples of what Row Scroll can do are the fading texts and scaling of rows. Although, the circle animations may not be achievable since it was made exclusively for the site’s design.

Row Scroll Animation already have a pre-made animation that you can choose to add an animation to your rows (no more extra complicated setup!). It will be best to check our Live Preview as well, we have a Launch Demo there which will direct you to our sandbox backend to play around too. :)

Does it work on mobile? Is it possible to turn on?? thanks

Hello Miguel, I’m sorry but Row Scroll Animations are automatically disabled in mobile. We do this to prevent slowdowns (and to run the site smoothly) in mobile. Hope you understand. :)

Hi! Tell me please…

Does your plugin will work if I will use a sidebar?

Thank you.

Do you mean by using Row Scroll Animations in pages that has a sidebar? Yes, it should work. :) But ofcourse, its it will look best to use full-width templates for Row Animations.

Hi Team, is there any new updates for this plugins? we’re interested to purchase but noticed that its not being updated almost 1year++

Yes, we’ll update the plugin as soon we’re done testing on the changes. :)
Usually, we do update our plugin when we get new suggestions for features or when we get a ticket with an issue and fixed them.

Great. Any initial target date to release the latest versions?

It will be around next week. We’re still working on the updates on demos as well. :)

Hi, the exit animation does not work as I would expect. I would like the animation to only work on the entrance and then remain indefinitely. When you scroll out of view it moves. is there a simple way to fix this? or is this as it was it inteded?

Hey there Lamcreative! The Row Scroll Animation’s exit can be set as “None”. But if this doesn’t seem to work, it might be also has something to do with the entrance delay (in case you have multiple Row Scroll Animations in the page). By then, you can also adjust the delays accordingly and see if this will resolve the problem.

If not, we kindly ask you to file a ticket to our Support Site, please make sure to provide a sample page that we can look at. :) Thanks!

HI.. is there any option to scroll automatically on next row after 5 seconds? for example from first “landing” row to second row ? thanks Martin

Hello Martin! Row Scroll Animation animations are only triggered when you scroll in your page. What you might be looking for is a slider if you want a row that scrolls per duration. :)

hi .. how can i make the animation working in both direction .. i mean now its working when scroll down but how to make it work when scroll up also

Hello! This should normally work on both up and down scrolls. Scrolling from up to down will animate the entrance first, down to up will animate the exit animation first. The animation starts when reaching 1/3rd part of the row.

This will mean that you can either assign an exit animation or adjust the offset if you want your row animation to look more prominent as if its animating both scrolling up and down. :)

But in case if you already assigned entrance/exit animation but still doesn’t animate when scrolling towards above your page, please send us a sample page as this isn’t a normal behavior with the plugin. By then, we’ll help you out and see what may be causing the problem.

Switching to DIVI Theme/Plugin as primary tool after long contemplation. Any way to adapt Row Scroll core to work with it?

Hi there! With DIVI theme, the plugin should still work as long as you’re using WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) to create your page with Row Scroll Animations. :)

Hi… I’m thinking about purchasing the plugin, however, it seems that it hasn’t been updated in about a year. Are you still active with this plugin?

Hey there! Yes, we’re still active. In fact, we’ll update this plugin really soon. We still support this, aside from the support tickets we receive and testing them in later versions of WPBakery Page Builder and WordPress. As for new features, we highly encourage our users to share their suggestions.

Just a recommendation as well, if you want Row Scroll Animation with bundle of our other plugins, you might want to check the Super Bundle: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-bundle-for-visual-composer/20374176?s_rank=1 :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We’ll be very glad to help you! :)

Is the plugin compatible with VC and Wordpress 4.9.2?. I appreciate an answer as soon as possible

Yes, we’ve tested it with WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5 and WordPress 4.9.2 and its working well. :)

I see that the transitions of the plugin have problems in Safari, but in Chrome, Firefox, Edge works perfect. This is normal ?, Are you going to make updates to this plugin soon?

Hi! Which version of Safari are you using by any chance? If you mean Safari for Windows, we need to let you know that this browser (specifically for Windows version) is no longer supported. Safari on Windows may not be able to support any element made for modern websites since this browser (specifically for windows) doesn’t get any updates anymore.

We suggest you to check the Row Scroll Animations via Safari in Mac instead in case you still wanna test it. But in case there’s still a problem via Safari Mac, we kindly request you to provide us more details about the problems you’ve encountered with the transitions. Please let us know as well your OS version when you do. Thanks! :)