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good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)

Thanks a lot.

Very nice work! Congrats!

Thanks a lot.

Hello, pre-sales question please, can you advise me how the user will navigate from the carousel if there is no menu visible. I am trying to understand how the user will be able to move off the slider without any menu navigation visible. Is it possible to keep the theme navigation bar?

Many thanks

@ash247 User will navigate from carousel ideally using “mouse scroll” if you will hide “navigation dots”. You can try that in our demo, Where You can scroll using mouse wheel bar as well as navigation dots.

About Theme Navigation Bar, Yes. You can use that.

Using this plugin you can make any section to carousel with multiple slides using visual composer elements, Rest website will be stay as it is. So, All your Navigation bar and other parts(Header/footer) will be as it is, If you want.

Let us know, If you have any other questions on this, We would love to help you.

Thanks for your interest in our Add On Plugin.

Warm Regards, POSIMYTH Team


Pre-purchase question – I built a couple of VC Rows and added VC elements to these rows on my News7 paper theme.

Could I ask you to please take a look at my site I am building.

Please scroll down and you will see 2 row block layouts Is it possible to create a carousel type slider’s something on the lines of this slider example with your Row Elements Carousel VC plugin?

Please let me know asap.



Thanks for your interest in plugin.

I have gone through your requirements but You can not achieve that exact feel using our plugin. Our plugin suits better for full screen sections and any other section which needs to be change on mouse scroll and all.

Still, I suggest this plugin to you if you want to make your visual composer elements sliders. Because This is the best available plugin for making slider/carousel of visual composer elements.

Let me know If you have any other pre sale query.

Warm Regards, POSIMYTH Themes Team

Thank you. Do you possibly have a tutorial doc, video or plugin instructions document that I could view before I buy?

Sure. Please take a look : Videos :

Documentation :

Please do make sure to look at twice on this plugin because It’s not exactly what you want, If you want to use this plugin you need to rethink that section.

Hello seems to be a great plugin! I have pre-sale question

I want to achieve a horizontal slider like this website has

In homepage there is a part of the albums, its uses scrollmagic to present the albums slider horizontally with mouse and at the end of the slider it continues scrolling vertically to view the next content. That is what i am looking for, does this plugin achieve’s that?

Hello Joseph,

Thanks for your interest in Our Plugin.

I have taken a look at your reference site. It’s made on WordPress and Have lots of custom code using scroll magic, Our plugin is similar to it’s functionality but you can not achieve exact same feel like theirs.

But You can achieve what you have mentioned like our demo does. FYI: We have made that demo using THEME ( So, Some elements are from that.

Feel free to ask me If you have any other questions.

Warm Regards, Sagar Patel POSIMYTH Themes Team

Hello Sagar,

What has happened to my support ticket.

I replied to your email days ago and gave you my login details.

Please could you look this asap. as I must have this working .


Hello Vidweb,

As per our email communication, We already started working on that and as it’s conflict with other code of your home page, It have taken a long time than we have given to you. It will be resolved very soon. Sorry for delay in time frame.

Warm Regards, Sagar Patel POSIMYTH Themes Team

Hello, not sure why it took you so long, but it does look like you have solved the problem. thanks

Sorry for a bit delay due to weekend as well as a complicated bug. We are happy for you as you got desired outcome. Feel free to contact us anytime, We are happy to help.

Warm Regards, Sagar Patel POSIMYTH Themes Team

Can this auto-slide across after a set amount of seconds? For example, I have three columns with text that I want to auto-slide across to another three columns after 6 seconds. Can this auto do that or does someone have to mouse scroll or click on the navigation dots for it to scroll?

Yes. It have auto sliding functionality. You configure that from the back end. FYI: It make slider of rows and You can add as much as column you want in one row.

Basically nice idea, but for me it lacks one important thing: I can’t define how many items should be in the view at once. If I make 5 rows, I’d like to have 3 of them for example side by side in the slider. Moving to the next item should scroll only one by one item, as seen in 90% of sliders… I’d like to make price comparing tables with sliders.

Hello ! Just bought your addon and I’m very satisfied, it saved me precious time ! I’d just like to disable sliding on mouse wheel, how can I do that ?

We haven’t put that option in Settings Panel. You need to do with hard code in this plugin. Please Contact us on If you have query on that.

i have a problem, when i open in a large screen like imac 27” all is aligned to left, how can i do for align in center. ?

Please Share your link of website on, We will look in to that and solve that.

Hi, wondering how you made the bottom expanding half circle pop up like that and into a modal like state. Is that a plugin?

No. It’s not a plugin. It’s custom code and not a part of our plugin. Just for a demonstration purpose.

Hi.. is this product still supported? The documentation hasn’t changed since 2016.

Also is it possible to programmatically (via Javascript) navigate to a certain slide? I have a very custom menu with buttons which, when the user clicks on the buttons, navigates to a certain slide. Is this API exposed?

Another question, can i prevent the slide from navigating via the mousewheel? or at least prevent it from navigating if the mousewheel is moved while NOT on top of the slide? for example in your “multi-width section” demo page, the mousewheel moves the slides even when the mouse is over the right side of the page – I would like to prevent that.


Yes. It’s supported by us.

No, We don’t have API for that.

Yes. We have Turn On/Off option via mousewheel.


Equal row height Hello, i’m looking to set my carousel row’s to an equal height (so all 5 rows will display with the same size background) is this possible?

We have auto height functionality that means if all content have same height it will show all same height. If two have different height, it will show different height. If you need more support, You can contact at our support center.


anton123 Purchased

Hi, this doesn’t work with the Salient theme. The “inner row” that you can add does not work like a proper row – you should have made this clear.

You can’t add many of the Salient elements into this inner row columns and you can’t control the background image of this inner row (like background alignment etc. (and the way it is displayed is way too zoomed in). I want to use the background image of each row, control which side it is aligned and add elements into either the right or left side of the columns.

Bought it just now, it is useless to me, I can’t use it – I want a refund, how do I get it?

Hello Anton,

Sorry for inconvenience you are facing. We will definitely take a look in salient’s latest version.

If you want to give a try, You can submit ticket on our support forum, Our technical staff will find the solution

Or You can contact envato for refund process. They can help you further on refund process.

Warm Regards, POSIMYTH Team