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Beautiful job! :)

thanks :)

It’s not working for me. I had to work out which folder needed to be converted to a zip file then installed the plugin, but it’s not appearing among the widgets on the Edit Layout layerswp page.

please send me your login details via my profile.

Sorry. Spoke too soon. Fixed now.

Great Stack – much needed!

How can you adjust alignment of the stacks within each column? Currently every stack I add aligns left, I would like to be able to centre them in the columns.


Can you please share your link and highlight the section. so I can check.

How to add class to aside or column created by row-element-for-layerswp ?

right now there is no option for class . I will add in next release.

Good Job but with the latest version of Wordpress and Layers are not displayed correctly columns.

yup working on update please wait.

Hi. I am trying to install this plugin which I’ve just purchased but Wordpress isn’t allowing it. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Robin

Hello? If this plugin no longer supported? If it’s not supported, and it doesn’t work, why are you asking people to give you money?

Ah crap I bought this without checking this thread, just got screwed. Totally does not work on Layers. Buyers beware please read this, IT DOES NOT WORK.

While I can install and use the plugin, it screws up the layout of any LayersWP page that is added to the point that it is unusable. I will be seeking a refund.