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Hello, how to make advertising hung down on the playing level?

could you send me a mail? let’s talk on email.


I replied

Hi, using this item in a free end product for an online store is allowed? Which license is right for?

you must buy the “Extended License”. thanks

Ok, thanks…. And, what kind of IDE or GUI did you use for it? I’ve seen this app uses cocos2d engine…

I use Eclipse

It seems as though you can just trace the route right when the route is being drawn out. It should automatically say miss if the trace is interrupted to increase the challenge. This way, yours will have to wait for the trace to finish before they can begin. :)

I see. I will try this. thanks…

yes, please let me know what you figure out. i’m getting ad impressions but i’m not seeing ads. very odd

I am afraid that it will take some days…sorry

Can u update this: - When playing game, user turn off screen, and when they back, we show game pause screen.

I think it is correct? thanks..

Hi, when you say “cocos2d”, is it means “cocos2d-x”? Which version of cocos2d-x and what program language are you using?

no cocos2d-x!. My item used cocos2d and native Java

How to setup the game to be available online and everyone can download it and play it ?

what do you mean? I don’t understand well…

Im really interested in this game, but the banner ad on the load page only, is not enough. Can you add full page ad after a loss/miss. If so, considered it purchased, thx

I will surely update it soon. you can download updated items whenever if you purchase it. It seems good to purchase and understand my project while I am updating it

I can’t seem to find any of the sound files, even in /assets/. Also I’m unsure on how to change the name without causing errors. Thanks

all sound files are in res/raw folder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjPRVxew4Yc This will help you to change the package name

Perfect starter project i was able to add high scores achievements new matrix of 5×5 and some other stuff thanks very much very worth the purchase.

Including code to share score (maybe to FB, twitter, or game servive or swarmconnect ) after game over ?

I can not see banner admob ads during game playing. How to add admob banner during game playing (maybe using level 3×3 circles) ?

it has ads now, please confirm the banner ads id at startActivity.java

Hello. Does this game support tablets? I can’t get it to work on my Nexus 7 or on Kindle Fire HDX 7. It works fine on phones, tho. Thanks!

Please tell me your skypeID

Thanks for offering your help, but yesterday the programmer fixed the issue. I think that he removed something in the manifest, where it was stated, that the app has only one set of resources. The problem was that the screen was black on hi-res devices (Note 3, Nexus 7, etc.), but now it’s OK.

I think it was his mistake, as your version works 100% on all devices.

I have purchased the code. It is really nice and easy to customize the game.

I have just re skinned and working like charm. Thanks for neat and clean code.


hi! i have purchased this game and i really like it. can you tell me how you develop this game with cocos 2d (like what IDE you use and stuff?) thanks!

This game is already made with cocos2d.

could teach me how to fix this error? http://prntscr.com/415iba

I prefer you to update Android SDK

Hello, I wanted to change the color on the text during game “Start and Level up” and so on.. where do I go for that? thanks

it’s images. you can change it with image

Hello. Is possible adapt for iOS? Thank you

Sorry for late responding, Yes, I can.Thank you