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Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Great Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

it look greats what your next game


thanks, it has not been decided yet.

plenty of stuff they use in their JS and CSS is MIT licensed. MIT license requires to keep copyright notices.

nice violations. lmao


if the license info is included into 3rd party components source it should be included into the build as well. If you find that it’s missing for any particular component let us know and we’ll make sure to check and fix it if necessary.


you completely missed bootstrap license. reported to them already. using them and having nowhere the license information out there is pretty weak. same goes for your coding skills or the unwillingness to give out the source. the CSS is completely useless. lmfao

Thanks for pointing it!

Bootstrap license has been added to CSS. It is relevant for the main app though (, not this game add-on.

full with bugs. i replicated their betting backend in ruby and wondered why i have more bet_types then they have. turns out split28_29 is missing. also the way they write those bets down are meant to be buggy. rather then programatically they just wrote down which field is winning when. lol

Well, as you know there are usually many ways to solve one particular task. If you had to develop say Facebook you would probably have done it differently. Another developer would have found another way. This doesn’t really make current Facebook less or more buggy, worse or better. In the end every product needs to be tested irrespective of the development approach, QA process doesn’t depend on it.

Thanks for your opinion anyway!

the download files doesn’t contain any tests. so how to verify the software is working as expected? ....

We do testing ourselves. As we sell ready-made product clients are not supposed to run any program tests other than testing it from the user perspective.

how can we get the source files (webpacker)?

Hello , i Can’t install it , i have bought slot machines and roulette addon Total : $158, please help me for installing

please how to add payment means, I want to add cash and paypal, cards and skill payment


only is integrated at the moment. See this page for more info:

If you like to order custom development please contact us by creating a feature request ticket at


if i wanted to buy and add this, easy install? how does that work?

Hi, yes it’s easy to install.

thanks, i just bought the platform :) – i opened a ticket for install on hosting

we have purchased addon of this game. while we have try to install with purchase code we got a blank page from our site and also game not installed.

Kindly advise us how to install game addon ASAP.


please submit a new support ticket at and provide the server error logs.

I’m trying to open a ticket and I get this message: Your paid support period has expired. Please extend support to be able to create new tickets. as I still have time. European Roulette game Isn’t in English like before ?? Please check my site and also help with ticket issue

Replied in the ticket #530636

Do you have also mathematics for online casino roulette?

I’m not sure what you mean. Please explain.

Besides graphical design, do you have mathematics/ game logic to sell?

All roulette mathematics is basically picking a random number from 0 to 36, so I’m still not quite sure what exactly you are looking for. Server side components (business logic) are also included, but this game can’t run on its own without Crypto Casino app.


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