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The information on appears to be out of date.

What is the latest version and what works with WHMCS 6.1.1?

Dean, The information is correct. You have downloaded a wrong version. You are using Stripe checkout and the package you have downloaded is not a stripe checkout module. I have your email and will be responding to your questions.

Quick question.. are you still supporting the module? is this module working with the latest whmcs V6.1.1?

Yes, we do support V6.X.X that includes anything from V6 and future releases. I have just uploaded our latest package here. If you are planning to purchase it before it gets reviewed, send me an email and i can send you the latest pack. Otherwise, you will be notified when the update is available.

yes i will buy it, please send the package! as i would like to have the latest version.

sent you the pack.

Hello! We are excited about this plugin for WHMCS. However, we need to know if it support the latest revisions for version 6.2. Great job BTW

Hello, glad to hear it. yes we do support the latest whmcs as always and will do until there is a core module for this gateway! Thank you for your support.

Hi, I’m using another Stripe addon for WHMCS but would prefer a solution that doesn’t require modifying every time I update WHMCS. If I were to switch to your plugin, would my clients have to re-add their payment card details? Or would it continue to use the same info? Thanks.

Hello, Technically no, but this depends on how your existing gateway module is storing stripe token details. We store token and customer id together. Of course the code is open source and can be customised.

If I buy the plugin, is this something you can check for me so that I can advise my clients if necessary?

Pre-sales question: If my clients have their credit-card details entered in WHMCS under the credit-card details section, will the module use those details or will the clients need to enter their details again somewhere else?

Thank you!

The module will use the card details entered in whmcs. End user do not need to type their card info anywhere else.

Hi there, is this module PCI compliant?

No mate, our other module is. To use this version you need to maintaine your own PCI cert. There are loads of companies that offer PCI certificate.

Hi can you please confirm that this module does recurring payments as not stated in documentation although stated on website?

Many thanks,


Hello, yes it does. Best, Mo

Hey There, Quick question…

So we just purchased the plugin in good faith and we have a pretty big issue…. so we just noticed after installation (according to the docs) that we can no longer log into WHMCS on Chrome (front or back end). We were able to log in on safari and on firefox.

Hopefully, this is a simple fix. However if this a plugin issue that won’t be easily fixed we’d like to request a refund.

Thanks in advance!

Sure thing, could you please email this through support tab? We would be interested to see what causes this problem!

Just sent the login info over


We used the login details and managed to login with no problem.

Could you see any error from tour chrome console? It might be your browser version, you might need to update or there might be something wrong with the installation in your computer. We have sent you a screenshot. We never have had this reported, try other computers or ask your mates see if they can login from different computers. Otherwise, i would suggest reinstall chrome or use other browsers in your computer.

Do u still supply pin delivery solution?

Yes, but not through Codecanyon anymore. You need to get one from us directly.

How to get it? is it wordpress plugins? or maganto? thanks.

Magento, you can send us a support email and I can help you with the details.

I have send support request from the support tab. Can you please confirm you have received it?

I did what you suggested and still having the same issue. Can you please advise.

Nino, will reply to your email.

Thanks for your help on this :)

Does this plugin support TLS 1.2?

Not sure what TLS has to do with this module? If you could, please do share your concern and i’ll be able to provide better advice.

Oh i see, this is with Stripe API. Yes, we are investigating this issue as we just received another inquiry about TLS 1.2

TLS 1.2 seems to be working fine with our current version.

Hello, how can a customer see why a credit card was declined? The only message she got was “Credit Card Payment Failed”. How can we see what the reason was?

You need to clean a table entry, this can be a bit confusing if you never worked with databases. We could help you with this. Emails us through support tab with your database access details, the user details like name, and email as well as ID and we can delete their credit card info for you. otherwise you could do this yourself, the table you need to look for is: tblclients

Thank you very much for the offer. My client decided to try the payment again the next day anyway, and it went through with no problems at all.

Sure thing :)

I have explained this previously. I am not an exclusive author in codecanyon, therefore i only receive small percentage of each sale, something around $8. We sell our software in number of channels and you are free to choose the vendor you like.

This is not a plugin, this is Stripe checkout form! The form is constructed by Stripe, so all forms look the same! Stripe is a card processing company and they offer a service called Stripe Checkout. One our modules integrate Stripe Checkout with WHMCS hence all Stripe Checkout integrations look the same!

Does your payment module work with WHMCS 7.0?

Hello, yes it does now.

has it been recently updated? I just bought this from your website ( directly on Oct 5th and I’m wondering have there been any changes since? and how do I get updates for that purchase?

and your email doesn’t work (it’s bouncing)... not sure how to go about updates for that purchase, and I don’t want to have to buy it again here.

Can I add this gateway to the invoice? I’ve added the module but the stripe payment option doesn’t show up on the invoice. Only paypal which is also enabled.

This should be added automatically if the gateways are selected for your product category. Otherwise they have to be assigned manually to each client.


There seems to be a caching problem on the invoice page. I offer 4 payment methods to my clients. However when they change the payment method on their invoice (when paying online) nothing happens. See attached. First you need to change the payment method, then you need to log out and then back in again, to see that it HAS actually changed. This seems like a caching issue but I am using Chrome Incognito for testing.

Any ideas?

Hello, if there is caching, you need to purge or disable. However, double check to see if you have added the gateway to your product category. See if customers are not assigned to specific gateway.

Hi, Any heads up on the empty billing =>Gateway log? It’s irritating and can give problems looking up a transaction.

It’s an accepted an recognised bug that you promised to solve inhouse.

I need it! Thanks Johannes

Johannez, this is not the right area to comment. If you are using our checkout module then you need to post your comment over there! For support you need to use the support area to send your inquiries. There is no 911 API, the latest API is 4.2.0 and we are supporting 4.1.1 right now. It will be sometime before we will be supporting the 4.2.0 version. We have only upgraded the stripe API version. There is no change in the module code as none was required. Again this is not the right board for the checkout module. Is your customers receiving any error? can you test this on your own and see if the browser is picking up an error. We did not hear about this error before and can’t reproduce on our side.

911 was a joke.. you know “emergency call” I’l answer you through your support channel from now on. And yes I was able to reproduce the popup not showing up. It worked after a page reload.

oh ok! lol! anyway, this might be due to a network issue. As i said, i can’t reproduce this error on my end. If it persists please send us a support ticket with your site details so that we can take a look.

Hello I have this issue: admin/configgateways.php - Blank page when I upload the file roudiappstripe.php in /modules/gateways/ - Works again if i delete the file.

Have you ever used any third party module before? If yes, you need to delete any instances of the old modules from your server. Files and folders. Also, please refer to our site QA to enable error printing in your setup. this will help to print the error. You might be missing some php libraries as well. We would know more once the error printing is enabled.

AT: Connecting to Standalone Accounts, should i put URL AS LIKE THIS or is there another URL for the module /dir