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very good work ! ;)


Hi there,

Is it possible to use this as a menu instead of a photo gallery? Specifically, can you use an iframe as a target or a URL instead of a photo in a lightbox? (or even point to an external link?)


Hi for now no :(. But i think it is good proposition,

Hello! I would like to know, how can I include the rotate gallery in wordpress?, please help me!! :(

Hi send please private message.


How can I change default size of fullscreen lightbox, because now it is too big. Also I would like to change position of nav buttons, it is shifted too right

I am using wordpress. Thanks.

Hi You need to do own changes in css file.

I’ve purchased your item, and try included your script in my website. However, it doesn’t work. It seem like a conflict problem, because my website using jQuery and MooTools. Please check your script and fix this problem.

We are working on it

As I can prevent recurrence photographs when the array is not full?

Congratulation , Good Luck With Many Sales My Bro

Can i use your plugin for my wordpress commercial plugin development ?

How do you load the images? Manually or automatically from a folder?

hi, im interested in buying your Rotate Gallery, however, how do i get the WordPress version? Im also interested in buying your IcoRoll – Scroll Navigation plugin, is there a WordPress version? or can a WordPress version be customized for me? waiting for your reply.

Hi, thanks for asking. Rotate Gallery Wordpress version was canceled from the shop because of its not enough quality. IcoRoll has no Wordpress plugin.

4×3 not possible? We are forced to use square instead of wide?

Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Can i have 1 row 4 columns? I could not see option for it. It would be really helpful