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Please explain a bit further what this plugin does…

if a theme is responsive, how is this plugin any different? Does it serve different image’s at different sizes or just resize the image responsively?

How is it different from other plugins?

also, will this allow images to be responsive in widgets?

I am still looking for a responsive image widget without needing to specify an aspect ratio percentage…

Thanks for your time, good luck with sales.

can you customize the breakpoints?

at this point no… but that is an excellent idea…


please submit a ticket about this at: http://www.support.wp-roots.com/upload/

we will then see if this is an idea that is worth working on.

At this point the plugin has implemented the more popular brakepoints: 320px. 480px, 768px, 1024px.

It is likely that we will just go ahead and implement all the brakepoints in bootstrap and that should solve the industry standard requirements.

Hello all,

By popular demand, we are going to add custom breakpoints.

A new version will be released in about 3-4 days.

All input is received

Cheers, wproots

Pre-purchase question:

I understand that these are not responsive images, but adaptive images? If I am to use this plugin, am I allowed to set the plugin to take action onto all images already on the website? Or, do I have to go through and manually add the shortcode to every image I want to become adaptive?


The scope of the plugin is to set different images for different devices (resolutions). It’s not about loading the same image in different sizes. For example on a large screen you can show an image with 40 items, that on a small phone will not be useful as you could not make out anything (they will be way to small) so on smaller devices you can add an image with 3 items, and so on.

A global solution for adaptive images is not a very good idea, because that will only use thumbnails for different devices, and I am not sure all the thumbnails will display what you want.

Cheers, wproots


Can you update this? It is not working at all with the latest Visual Composer or in general with the latest Wordpress or Wordpress 4.3.

After I choose my different images and save, the images disappear and all that shows is a broken image placeholder.

Like this on the Frontend > http://private.epri.se/aQhJ/36mhTacN

Like this on the Backend > http://private.epri.se/1isrQ/2AtxvxmH

Like this when not using Visual Composer > http://private.epri.se/1lpgp/29mK7WK7

Hello EnterpriseBranding,

please go to http://support.wp-roots.com/upload/ and start a new ticket. I will need to login to your website and see what problems you are facing. I just tested the plugin with the latest VC and it worked just fine for me.


I’ve only tried this on localhost to test it out. I don’t have a live site with your plugin.

But, I created a screencast showing the issue and submitted a ticket.

I’ve tried this on my theme and the default Wordpress theme and still have the same issue.

Hi, I submitted a ticket. Did you get it? I didn’t get a confirmation that it was submitted or anything like that. Just checking back. Hope things are looking up and alright. Thanks.

Hello, the plugin below is not full responsive,could your item able to do it works with full responsive mode ? http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-meeting-virtual-room/9248858

I do not really understand your question.

My plugin is designed to add images to website and have them show different images based on the resolution of the display used.