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not work wordpress 4.3.1

Hello Vitomac,

Please open a support ticket at this address and if it’s possible provide me with a admin login username and password.


Will have this sorted out in no time. Cheers,

Can we use AdSense ads in this popup ? They are in <script> tag, so my question is did this plugin support adsense ads if I like to show them on the page ?

The plugin supports adsense in the latest version.

Hope you enjoy using it

I have installed in my wordpress but it is not working. Could you please check it ?

Hello, Thank you for submitting the ticket. Please followup with an answer so we can get this sorted out.

Plugin is not working. Just purchased and have been trying for the past 2 hours to get it working.

Hello Swing07,

please open a ticket with more details at http://support.wp-roots.com/upload/


I opened up a ticket 2 days ago but got no response and the ticket number simply said #XXXXXX. I will attempt to open another.

Just created another ticket. Here is the response I am receiving:

Thank you for contacting us.

A support ticket request #XXXXXX has been created and a representative will be getting back to you shortly if necessary.

Support Team

Doesn’t work on Wordpress 4.4.2 – Tried nearly everything…

hello Sandreas1789,

Please open a support ticket at http://support.wp-roots.com/upload/ and we will get this fixed up right away.

Hi, Good afternoon, Install the plugin, but I can not be accessed from the menu on my WordPress installation. I do not see the option in the menu. The plugin is active but can not enter it. Create a ticket but did not answer. Thank you

Hello damiandiaz,

The ticket has been answered. Please get back to me with more details as requested.

Best regards,

Wanted to see the front end samples in action before making the purchase but not available.

the demo website has several examples of popups… at http://demopopup.wp-roots.com/ there is a menu entry that says DEMO and the sub menu items are each demos of different types of popups.

Let me know if you have some specific questions

Looking for an answer before purchase:

Is there a way to set up the popups to show randomly? For example, one of the sites I am building is running 6 different specials and instead of having one popup that tells them about the specials, I want a popup to show one of the specials, randomly on each page load (or in order from 1-6) along with text to the effect of “click here to view more of our specials” for example. Is something like this capable with your code?

If you want to show 6 difderent popups on consecutive loads. That can be done. If you want random we need to do some cutom coding but can be done.

I bought the plugin, but it does not work…))))))

bought today, not work