Root Checker

Root Checker

Root Checker will allow the user to check their device for root (administrator/superuser) access in the fastest way possible. Designed with Material design the app also packs great features.

The built app will not root your device but will only check or verify root access

Live Demo:

Why buy Root Checker?

Let me give you a background info on the root checker apps on playstore. there are like 10 successful root checker apps on playstore which has

surpassed over 1 million downloads each and with revenue upto minimum 50$ each day, code like this cannot be neglected. the lowest one is 5 grand.

so its a great idea to have root checker app on the playstore.


Our code includes the following features that what makes it special and unique:
  • Material Design
  • Backwards compatibility
  • In-built app rate function
  • Eclipse compatibility
  • Android 6.0 compatible
  • Shows Hardware info
  • Shows Phone info
  • Checks root access
  • Detailed source code with comments
  • Fastest root check method
  • Google analytics
  • Admob banner and interstitial ads


  • Eclipse
  • Google admob
  • Google analytics id