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Amazing work, Goodluck with sales!


Thx @PreScriptZ

fantastic work very good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2017 ;)


Does it have any customer rental frontend ? So my customers can book rooms online ,pay and schedule calendar ?

For now, the item only focused on admin side. Maybe we will include the frontend for the next update.

Thx for the comment.

Nice work, good luck with sales – DCSF

Thank you.

nice work, good luck with the sales!

inside the room management, can we change the price type from daily to monthly payment?

Hi, the answer is no.

But, you can equate the price of weekend and weekday and if there are customers who booked a full 1 month (28, 30 or 31 days), you can give a special discount for it (transaction support to give a discount).

I usually don’t leave comments but I can tell a lot of thought went into this development:

- Add rental Transaction (can create a customer in the area)....usually you have to go in and create a customer in some kind of pop up box or a totally different area. WELL DONE :)

- Privilege Management – Option list is great, and allows you to create really precise roles

- Room Management – Daily Pricing (very smart)

- Room Custom Price – Perfect! (this is needed for booking places, as certain days might require higher pricing due to customer influx)

- Create

Ideas: Maintenance Note – Make a user role (maintenance Employee) that can see assigned notes that contain: Room#, task, and check them off as complete…

Additional Cost – Add description in “Price Information”....as of now it just shows Additional Cost

Additional Cost – Separate EACH Add description in “Price Information”....as of now it just shows Additional Cost and not per item

PDF report – Print an transaction for the customer (so they can see what they paid for)

Customers – View past orders

Great JOB!!!!

Thx for your great review @codernerd, you got all the features. Very appreciate it.

We will consider your suggestion for the next update.

Amazing work! I am planning to buy it Rental Transaction – Can you convert PDF like invoice (Bill / Receipt) – Add Logo Add email to new customer details Add dropdown option with passport field (Passport, License and Photo ID)

Maybe next week, We will inform you or you can follow us for information update

Awesome, I saw the changes just final request can you add SMS and email when opening and closing a transaction

SMS maybe not, because it will need API or sms gateway.

Next update it will more about report and other usefull features. If you have an idea and want to share with us, it will be awesome.

Cool and awesome


pre-sales – Is there are font end for this? Will buy if there is a front end.

Hi, There is no frontend for now. but I’ve been considering that features for the next big update.

Unfortunate, the backend is good, you need to have a front end to sell this.


We tried to install the script under a subdomain and received the following error:-

‘No input file specified.’

We need quick support for this!

Hi, thx for purchased our item.

Did you already copying .htaccess on your server ? It’s look like that is the problem.

Please email us at contact@otakita.com for quick response. Thank you.

If i buy this project do i will get the source code include with database?

Absolutely! You will get full of source code with sql database.

do you have a documentation where explane how is possible to calculate the total price in the front end? Or you think in the future you will add a front end site? For make it perfect you need to add a field for minimum stay and another for the number of rooms available

There is no frontend site, maybe next update i will add it. Or you can see the concept from booking process to calculate the total price.


where i can see the concept for booking process? For minimum stay and number of available rooms have you some news? Thank you

Hi.. For book process, you can try to create new transaction on the demo http://envato.otakita.com/room-rent-management/login.

It will also show you the number of available room and calculate total price for selected date.

The item is not support yet for minimum stay configuration, it will need some modification.

Hello, Can you also add the option to have the house or room rented on monthly basis and not per day only.

Is it possible to assign individuals to be the one in charge of the rent for particular house such that the payment goes direct to them.

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie

two basic questions; Can you rent hours? Does it have multilanguage?

no, it only daily rent. thx

Hi, When can we get get the front end? I am interested to purchase but waiting for the front end.

Thank you.

I installed and got the No file input.

Hi, i already reply your email. Thx.