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I don’t understand how to set the countdown. I already chose the date and the time on the General settings screen, however that did noting. Still showing zeros. Please let me know.

Thank you.

Hello. Please send us a link to your website and screenshots on our mail We will try to help you. Best


I was able to figure out the countdown, I was entering the currant date not the futue date.

I have one additional question, I don’t see the enter your email box/space that’s on your demo, how would someone be able to subcribe and send an email. Did I overlook it? Is it included with the theme. Please let me know.

Thank you very very much, I really appreciate all of your help!

Hi there! First of all thanks for the gorgeous theme. However i ran into some issues upon installing it. I’m running my website on WordPress 4.1. The mailing list bar doesn’t appear correctly (it’s split) and there are the words email address floating above it. Also the Background image doesn’t appear centered but i can live with that for now.

Could you perhaps enlighten me on how to solve these issues? Thank you in advance

Preorder Questions:

Hello, actually im looking for a plugin which is matching with my claims.

I need a „coming soon“ plugin with this features:

1. a coming soon mode – i can switch on/off, so users cant go on my „real“ site. They can only see my homesite (the coming soon site)

2. i can exclude any single page from the coming-soon-mode, so i can say: users can see the homesite AND site-X (for example)

3. i have my own newsleter-sign-up form with a connection to my newsletter server. I like to implement this on the homesite (coming soon site). So, can i implement custom html with your plugin? I like to have the form directly on the homesite, not in a pop up or sth. like that.

Im happy to hear from you.