Rolling The Dices - Multipurpose 3d dices for games

Rolling The Dices - Multipurpose 3d dices for games

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Built to offer multipurpose custom dice of different shapes, colors, faces and sizes with light effects for your games.

The number of dice, colors, text or image on the faces, size, and more can be controlled via JSON data. You can configure the appearance of each dice and also have the ability to preset the landing value. All this with an optional sharp light effect to highlight the landing face


  • Type of dices: hexahedron, octahedron, decahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron
  • API for get/set options of dices and get throw results
  • Landing value can be set to ensure a specific outcome to each dice
  • Support to choose where to roll the dice from or do it randomly
  • Customizable background/text colors
  • Customizable size, font sizes and colors of the edges
  • Support for print an alphanumeric value, special character or insert an image on each face
  • Smooth throw physics
  • Responsive
  • Customizable number of dices
  • Optional Light effect to highlight landing face
  • Supports desktop and mobile
  • Info popups can be styled via CSS
  • Usage examples included. Note: In addition, there are 2 examples included as “art examples” with other light and shadow effects but they are separated from the app options


  • Three js
  • Cannon js


Documentation is here


For item built-in features and assistance with reported bugs and issues write a comment please

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