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Hi nice game….. am about to buy. Uses AndEngine GLES2 Anchor Center (Latest Version) • Uses Box2D realistic physics

Are included?

Hi, thanks! Yes, all included.

conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1

?lean project and create apk again.

Proyect import in eclipse? or need another program?

Yes, in Eclipse

Ok, how do you reskin it, ie, change the balls to a different sprite etc? All I see in the image folders are the launcher icons.

Sorry I found it, thank you :)

Thanks for purchasing:)

No problem, 5 stars, thank you :)

I don’t understand you. You see any errors in Eclipse or not?

not about eclipse. android 2.3.7, etc. does not work. Did I use the code yet? or “auto” Did I do? Is this code is very important. “auto”, though what happens?

There is no much difference in “preferExternal” and “auto”. You can read here:

How to import with android studio?

If you are using Android Studio, you should know how to import projects into it.

hi, how do I add a sound when the white ball go in?


You tried to run demo apk on your device? Sound works in demo?

ok I found the problem, for somereason the ball sound does not work on galaxy s2 but does work on other devices such as galaxy tablet… strange

Yes it’s very strange


I want change coller of title !!

The green coller of the title “Rolling balls” and the of level’s coller

Open class and find line with ….setText(“Rolling Balls”). Change the text in quotes. Similarly to level’s label.

Thaanks !!

hi , i bought your app but when i change admob with my id , the ads is not show (no banner , no interstitial ) what the problem is ?

sorry , the interstitial is work but , the banner that i integrate is not work

can i add admob banner to this game

Yes you can, but it needs some modification in code.

Hello- Can you please reply to the direct message I sent you regarding customization?