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wow, even does the menu? very kool :D

how does this affect images that are linked?

some screenshots of the admin panel would be nice.

I dosn’t work correctly in the background with the admin bar. All menu points are under the admin bar. CSS trouble ???

Could you please send a screenshot to I’ll take a look and try to fix your problem.

When i set under advanced the class “rollink” and write this in my post with

First Link in the post “Zur Webseite”

hey, how can i make it works with regular class?, i mean, its only works with divs… (the advanced mode)

From what I see the update is published. So please re-download the pack and either re-install, or re-upload all of the files in the wp-content/plugins folder.

hey, i re-upload it, now it works only on firefox… not working on chrome or ie … (i had some that i made who works before the update…)

It is working fine for me on FF and Chrome. Please make a clean install. Remove the plugin entirely, and re-install it.

hope you work out all the bugs :) very cool

Have you fix all the bugs now?

Generally yes. But because it’s a specific plugin (one that tries to overwrite your current page styles) there can be some inconsistencies. But that’s why there is support. So msg me with your problem and I’ll try to help you fix it ASAP.

The live preview is broken in both Chrome and FF. Does this mean that this plugin is no longer functional? Would love to use it on my site. Please confirm if the bugs are being worked out. :)

The demo is working now :)

Can you please show a working demo and provide a working link? Thanks,


Its flipping images also. Even when using content as the custom class. Anyway to get it to ignore images?

Can you show me on a example? Screenshot with some source code would be nice.

This is tempting … although it doesn’t appear to work in IE 10 still. That bug hasn’t been fixed.

Does the author still support this plugin, and if so, is there still development on it? I’d love to buy this, as I’m 100% Polish (from America), but I can’t until I know it works on all browsers without bugs.

Unfortunately it’s not compatible with IE. Ask Microsoft why :|

Hello. Cannot make the plugin work properly:

1. In the search page, the photos are ugly ‘roll linked’. 2. I need only links in post text to have the roll effect, but in the posts (i isolated the container ‘CONTENT’ in advanced settings) also time, categories, and comments are affected. Please, need help.

Please check your e-mail for my response.

As you asked, my mail is: krozo2005 @ yahoo com Thank you for fixing

Doesn’t work. After entry class ID, it completely stoped working. Buggy.


I’m interested, but I don’t see a changelog anywhere indicating fixes for the reported bugs.

Have these been fixed? If so, where is the changelog?

Thanks, AJ

...Also, this appears to be entirely JavaScript-dependent. Were we deferring the parsing of JavaScript, how might this plugin be affected?

Doesn’t work. When update????