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This is very useful, thank you for making it. Until now, i have been using Role Scoper to achieve this (a bit too “much”). Will try this later.

can this script tailor custom menus in the dashboard per user role basis? not the normal site navigation… i want to add a user with some admin capabilities, but restricted access to others… say i want to remove appearances or plugin access to user X.

best example would be “admin menu editor”

or can it only customize site navigation bars on the site? (non-dashboard)

Currently you can only customize content displayed on the front-end of the site and not in the dashboard. We hope to be able to add that functionality in a coming update of the plugin. However I can’t give any promises to when, or if, it will be added.

okay, bookmarked for now, if it does get added I will buy this plugin in the future. thanks :)

is it compatible with wpml?

Is this plugin still being mantained?

Yes, the plugin is being supported and is in active development.

is this plugin still supported? I need a plugin that hides widgets based on user role, but i am reluctant to buy this since it appears that it hasn’t been updated in a while and the live demo site is offline