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Hello, im trying display user on pages but dont work…. Display only in widgets.. You can help me? Thank you.

Yes, please grant me access to your admin via my profile page.


Pre-sale questions:

Is it possible to list specific role (vendors) in A-Z order and with a heading for each name (so all names starting with A under the heading A, etc…)? See example: http://www.exclusivefashiondesigns.com/brands/


Hi fredsarran. Sorry, but there is no option to do it right now.

Hello, im trying display users list (grid template) on page but dont work….

Display work not correctly in widgets..

You can help me? Thank you

you can see it here -

i use widget and its display only avatar – i need displaying other fields too: first and last name, phone, mail .

how can i do it width widget and if it is possible without it(shortcode)? the role name >>???? ???? ??????? ?????<<

Thank you

I sent you email. Please check.

Hi, your work is good thank you , i want ask and if ok i will buy : my ask : can i give user ( Button) when he Presses it change his role from level to another level ? or another any way user can change his role ( IF ADMIN GIVE IT THIS ) ! thank you :)

Hello. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

OK, signed up today. I have widget working but I don’t see the shortcode panel as advertised. I read the documentation and tried to paste short code into a post and it does not work. Any ideas?

I sent you email, replay. Please check.