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Your ‘Heavily Modified Buyer Demo’ shows me nothing really, other than what can potentially be done with this script – Why not your OWN demo of this script?

Your Server Requirements show PHP 4+ in the description but on the sidebar it shows PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0

Something similar is shown with the MySQL requirements. Can I also ‘assume’ that this script is not PDO or MySqli but older MySql queries and such?

Last time I checked, the ‘Heavily Modified Buyer Demo’ has a map that you can move around on but this one ‘appears’ to be more like a text based Mafia style game. So to look at the ‘Heavily Modified Buyer Demo’ demo that you have set up and comparing it with the one screen shot that shows nothing but a page on putting up news or something of that nature, we can’t even compare apples to apples – more like watermelons to sunflower seeds…

Can you PLEASE set up a demo of THIS script and not a ‘Heavily Modified Buyer Demo’ ?


Sorry for the long wait, I’ll setup a live demo of the original script here shortly. Thank you for your interest.

Are you still working on this

I haven’t been, but I will update it as someone below said, yes it’s fairly outdated.

Why is there no updates to the script? its dated and really needs updated to support latest security measures, php, and mysql

You’re right, honestly I forget that I even have a CodeCanyon account sometimes. I’m going to put more time into development and start updating this and creating some new products to sell!

demo is not working

I’ll get a new one up on a subdomain of one of my websites real soon when I begin updating the script.

i love the simplicity but i decided to redo the code using php7 and use full Object Orientated Programming. using PDO. at our current stage we almost have everything ready for phase two and that includes adding new features to our nice clean code. you should take this off the market right now or update it because in its current condition shared hosting and other vps hosting does not work with the original install zip from code canyon.

Hi how are you? can you let me know if this can be installed in a social media platform, and can you help with installation. can e charge for the games?