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The live preview doesn’t work?

It got approved much quicker than I expected.. lol

Working on it

Doesnt work on ipad2 even with cc top bar removed

You might have checked the demo while I was working on the demo site. I tested again on my ipad 3 and it works fine. There shouldn’t be any difference on the ipad2.

Hello, Lovely looking slider! Only thing I sugest to make this outstanding is to make it responsive since “touch” events usually happen on mobile devices.

Actually it is responsive, or rather fluid. I’m working on a better demo to show this.

Still no worky, cleared cache. Seems to lockup on slide two

Tested on several iOS devices, works perfect Nick! Good work! :)

are you able to create a responsive lightbox with a touch and swipe functionality for devices with iOS or Android?

does not appear to be responsive…

The problem is in my demo site. The slider fills it’s parent element when you set it’s width to 100% and as the parent resizes, so does the slider.

The slider in the demo site doesn’t seem to work at all on iOS 4, the default browser in the latest Android OS, or on the latest Blackberry OS. Any chance of support for these devices? Also, checking if the swipe gesture is horizontal before preventing the default action might be beneficial, as how it’s currently set up it’s quite difficult to scroll down the page on a touch screen only device if the slider takes up most of the screen.

Does this only work with images?

Could I use your Hotspot Editor with the Rockstar Slider to add hotspots on my images? Jim

I can’t promise anything, I really haven’t tested that :)

HI, Could I have a label with text “Click here” and open a new page. Thanks

Thanks for great and lighweight slider … when I touch the slider, auto sliding freeze.. can I change that?



Quick question.. can i add multiple sliders to a single page with different images in them.

As in; a one page website and some sections are full width sliders with different images in them.


Yes, you can.

Is it possible to not have the slider auto play? I only want to have the user manually slide through images, and not have a slide show playing automatically. If this is possible, can you please tell me how to set it up? Thanks.

I like the look of this for my purposes, but I need to check if I could include captions over the top of the graphics that transition between images as well?

Hi, Sorry but the slider doesn’t have support for captions.

Swipping and autoplay seems not to work on my android 4.2.2 at all, not demo, not my test page. Swipping feature was only reason why i choose this scritpt… Any chance it should work?

Replied to your support ticket and a new version is on it’s way!

Demo looks weird