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Does not work correctly on mobile devices (iPhone)... The close button and the full screen mode does not work. The opened window hide the menu.

Sorry but that is not “mobile first” ... ;-)

Maybe you can fix this problems, then I will buy it.

Full screen – just tested on ipad and iphone, works.
Close button – will fix it.
“The opened window hide the menu.” – are you talking about the settings window? Because that’s not part of the end-user plugin that the user will see. It’s just a backend tool shown for demo purposes.

Hi, I’m not able to make zoom in the editor toplace correctly the different points I have in Spain. How to do it? Thxs.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Can you show me where are you using the plugin? Please use the contact form from my profile page.



the plugin is not working at the moment. If i implement the shortcake on a page and update this one, i don´t see it on the result page.

Do you know why this happened?



Hi Benni, sorry for the late answer. Can I see where are you trying to add the plugin?


Hi, I was wondering if the Rockstar map plugin, when viewed on a mobile phone, will activate the phones navigation when clicked.

Thanks, Camille

No, it can’t do that. Sorry!

I bought this plugin 3 weeks ago and it does not work at all – NOTHING! I have tried disabling all the other plugins, tried it on different themes – NOTHING. I have emailed you 3 times asking for support and had no reply. I am now in discussions with Envato to get a refund – how about some support nickys?

For the past couple of months I’ve been in the process of updating all of my products, making a new site, and a custom support system –

The site and the support system are almost ready. This is the reason that support has been lacking in the past couple of months. I’m sorry that you’ve had this experience with this product. Please send me an email with login details for your WP site and I will do some live tests to see why it doesn’t work.

I’m sure it’s something small, the plugin has been tested many times. If that doesn’t work for you, please by all means request a refund from Envato.

I’m sorry again, - nickys

Although you say this version is “Mobile Ready” – your DEMO page is not responsive or mobile friendly? Can you confirm that this version is finally ready for mobile devices please.


I’m in the process of updating my old products and Rockstar Map is next on the list. Although it says “Mobile Ready”, that means support for touch events, so it can work on a touchscreen. One of the features that I’m going to add is responsiveness.


ummmm, not really ‘Mobile Ready’ is it… bit misleading really.

Want to know a few things before purchasing:

- Can you customize the content which opens in each pin? - Are the colours customizable? - Can I set it to only show north america?


Hi, sorry for the late reply. To answer your questions:

1. For each pin there are a few preset fields with styling and icons, like title, phone, address, etc. If you don’t want to use those, you could just leave them empty and use the “content” input box to paste your custom html. 2. Yes, by modifying the CSS file and/or image icons 3. Yes, in the zip you will find a map for pretty much each country. You just replace the image in the “img” folder with what you choose.


Hi nickys You’re on the right way with this plug-in. It’s exactly what I’m looking for and I’m ready to buy. Can you tell me please, when the close function on iPad and iPhone will be fixed? It doesn’t work (on your demo page). Thanks. Appreciated. Joe

Hi Joe, my advice is to wait for my next plugin, it will do everything that this plugin does, but it will be based on Google Maps and will be more feature complete as a whole.

I can’t give you any promises when will I update Rockstar Map though, but I will add that to my to-do list.


Hi nickys thanks for your replay. Sounds good to me…. as long I can use images instead of maps. This makes your plug-in unique and very versatile!

So I now buy Rockstar Maps and later your new killer plug-in. thanks again Joe

Just a note, in the new Google Maps plugin-in you will not be able to use images, only the maps provided by Google.

Ok thanks There are many good plug ins, that can do that (using Google Maps), but not using images. Too bad.:((((

Why do you need Google Maps AND images?

No, just image. I want to show several hotspots of a part of our town – but Google map shows to much information and people are able to zoom and scroll, what is not the aim in this project. They rather should concentrate on the spots and click on the appropriate links to the sub pages. Joe

Oh, this is what you probably need then –

No zooming, custom images, drag and drop editor.

Do you have this same map for just HTML? non-WP ?


there is not an admin demo?


Hi, There isn’t a demo of the admin page. I could send you a few screenshots if you like!


Hi, can you help me plis?

I changed the map to Mexico, put all the locations of my client offices but i can’t see the map completely in the widget like in de demo version, only part of the map it’s visible at the beginning.


The initial size of the map depends on a couple of things:

1. The “initial zoom” setting. 2. The size of the map in pixels.

You can experiment changing either of these to achieve exactly what you need.


Map doesn’t show with the shortcode, need a solution.

Cancel that, but you better update your documentation on the shortcodes, it is faulty.

Is there a javascript only version?

No, unfortunately there isn’t but we have other plugins that do similar things, you can check them out here –


Hello – desperately need to find out how to export a map….I have just submitted a question via your support.

Your ticket was answered!


How can I unzip the file and load to my computer? I don’t have an instructions file, only “documentation”, “licensing”, “map.pack”, “umcompressed”, and “plugin.wp-rockstart-map.1.2.5” Please help


This plugin installs just like a normal WP plugin. Are you using WordPress?


Hello, can u describe how do add multiple pin colors? I think the plugin is quite fine, but i would need 2-3 different pin colors. Cheers Greetings from Germany


Unfortunately the plugin isn’t built with multiple colors in mind. You would have to make quite a few changes to the sprite, CSS and possibly JS to accomplish this. May I suggest taking a look at this plugin


Hi, how can i use this using latitude and longtitude? is it possible? I have a list of locations but I dont want to use google as they have its usage limits

There is no way to enter coords based on lat/lng unfortunately.