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It has been a few days (over a week) and I have sent my login info 3 times, but nobody got back to me. My website is still down. Has anyone checked it out? Looks like the support is very little. Please let me know, even if I have to resend my info. Thank you.

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I have provided my info a few times and I haven’t gotten any help. My site is still unable to upload JPGs… I like the script, but customer support is not responsive. Please help!

I’ve noticed that your comments are being reviewed. If you post your login info in the comments they will be flagged by Envato and I will not be able to view those details for you. You need to message me https://codecanyon.net/user/theshader#contact here for support. Thank you!

How can I understand my hosting can be answer your Requirements?

Please message your host with the requirements and ask them if they meet all of them. You can find the requirements on the description of the item.

I like your template very much. If my vps has necessary requirements, ı’ll buy as soon as possible.

Please message your host with the requirements and ask them if they meet all of them. You can find the requirements on the description of the item.

Im trying to add categories I keep getting this – “Unable to add category. Please try again later.” Please tell me what the fix is though here, im a developer also and dont want to give out my login into, thank you

Unfortunately, I am unable to help you unless I take a closer look at the problems you’re getting. Please provide the login info via message. Thank you!

When is the next update? Been a while…

Hello, presale question love your script but before i buy my website traffic usually come from mobile users is there a way to shorten the post title to fit to the screen like buzzfeed or can you do a custom work for me will pay

Currently there is no way to do that and I am unavailable for freelancing at the moment.

Hello Pre Purchase question, will this script handle 10-50 million visitors a month? Can we use DigitalOcean’s new block storage as the storage for images or CDN to reduce costs since AWS S3 is expensive.. our main question is can it handle big traffic because we estimate minimum 15-30 million visitors a month.

Also can you set users that are logged in to SSL HTTPS or the entire site?

The script should be able to handle that much, but I highly recommend my WordPress theme which should be able to handle it better. https://themeforest.net/item/banzai-viral-buzz-wordpress-theme/16074553 Currently setting Rocketeer for SSL is not available.

hi really love to get this script. but would love to know how many themes does it come with and can i see the screenshots.. i dont like this one on the preview..

Currently there is only one theme which is the default.

The theme is very nice new update comes immediately and I buy it


the app and documentation look really solid as well as the development queue. One question though – is it possible to upload posts/lists etc from .CSV or maybe via an API?

I would like to be able to bulk upload multiple posts before I open the site to the public, this is very crucial and important for everyones success with your script!

@All interrested:

You should look for a content scraping tool like “Web Content Extractor” which allows you to save all content (including img URLs) into a .csv file.

You can create rules based on which the scraper will either index and save a post or not (for example only index if x amount of upvotes).

All you then need is a script like this one if it has a bulk upload function you can use. This way your site will get filled with content really fast from “multiple” accounts. Especially important when getting started… (may also be used continiously but not recommended as you want to be unique)

From what I have seen around this script looks the most solid. I purchased already Buzzy Script and Smile – both turned out to be a disappointment in many aspects (Speed, bugs, lack of proper customization and also lack of bulk uploads).

Here my advice to the app owners: Please point us to a way to upload posts, lists etc in bulk or at least let us use an API?

Or maybe even create a “scrape content from URL” plugin for this script? (extra fee?)

But I think a bulk upload from .csv should be the easiest to start with.

Please share your comments on this.

@all users: If you found a script which supports bulk upload please PM me.


when next update will come?

Currently there is no set date for the next update.


I have set up the Facebook API as per instructions in documentation but I think Facebook may have updated its Dev site since they were written. I followed it the best I could and manage to get the site talking to Facebook but have an issue if someone tries to login via Facebook I get an error that says access code is missing.

Could you try give me a workaround please or updated instructions.


Please message me your site along with CPanel login so I may take a closer look. Thank you!

I can full approve adsense with this script

Internal Server Error

fixed by adding RewriteBase / to the top of .htaccess

Also go to Storage/App/htaccess txt file and add the <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / line there too as it replaces it every time you change a theme.

Filing complaint, refund and FALSE advertising – script is broken and no response from Author. Badges to do not display due to the table never getting populated to display on user profile.

I took a screenshot of a bug, how can I send it to the developer?

Hello, please send it over here https://codecanyon.net/user/jaskokoyn#contact Thank you!

Hi, Sorry for the delayed reply I have issues with Facebook integration, if you could remind me of what details you need i can send them across.

I’ve responded to your message. Please check your inbox. Thank you!

Hi JaskoKoyn , I have a question before buying the script, can I add Spanish language??. In the demo version has only three languages .. Thanks

Rocketeer is translatable. So you can translate it into any langauge you like. Instructions on how to translate Rocketeer is provided in the documentation.


dimkos69 Purchased

All perfect for the moment, the folder with the Spanish language installed, but it does not ocure anything and it does not translate automatically .. What is there to do ?? Another question, how can I change the mail to receive notices and who can contact me via email ?? Thank you good job … When I finish with the complete installation I will leave you points. regards

I’m willing to buy your script, honestly I think it’s the best. Are you still developing this script and there will be updates? Thanks!


sharatpk Purchased

Hi bought this plugin, after installation n getting this error, Please help me to rectify it

ErrorException in LanguageMiddleware.php line 22: Trying to get property of non-object

I get a “Unable to process your submission The images field is required.” when I want to create a News item. How can I disable that upload box?