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We’re going on vacation until Jan 2nd, we’ll be still able to respond to comments but not to code. Happy Christmas to everyone!

Hi. Please, do you use SpriteKit? thanks.

no, only UIKit. Cheers!

Would it be easy to swap out the background image (or use a pattern image with UIcolor)? Are sounds able to be used that are in the project?

You can easily change the background color via Attributes inspector panel or add an ImageView and assign it your bkg image.
You can use the sound clips included in this project.

Do you have more TVOS apps for sale?

Hi, check all tvOS apps we have on our website: http://www.fvimagination.com/templates/, filter for APPLE TV

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!