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Very cool! First time I saw this, GLWS!

Thanks! I really just made this for myself on Friday and thought others might want it to. I just uploaded a update to it with automatic updates so it should be live for download within about a day.

Hmm… time I put my dashboard together into a Plugin as well… Good work mate. Congrats to get this out.

Thanks so much!

In Live Preview is a little bug. I can’t login ;)

Yes…sorry about that. Fixing that right now…in the meantime, you can do it if you remove the ThemeForest frame from around it.

Great job, can the admin top bar and the button colors be changed? How does the bar looks, when visiting a wp page/post, on the demo the admin bar doesn’t appear when visiting the published post/page.

Right…we’ve only made these adjustments on the backend as the frontend needs to remain the same height. There are just too many themes that have to have the wp-admin bar be the same 28px height.

Love the styling treatments.. The color scheme might be a light christmasy.. :)

Are there a more color schemes coming? How complex is customizing the CSS?

Note on the Christmasy…but it’s orange and not red ;-) This plugin is made possible with just one css stylesheet and if you remove the lines for the buttons and fonts, it’s less than 200 lines of code. If it sells well, I plan on offering different options out of the box though and may even just build in color pickers to the plugin in an options page.

Gotcha. I like the idea of “contrast for better UX”. If users can pick any colors they want they might forgo that benefit.

Maybe something like picking a base color that generated a scheme would be cool? ;)

For now hard coding in different colors works for me. Though a simple guide my be beneficial to speed up the process. Rather then having to reverse engineer..

Yes, I am actually going to try to do it where you simply pick one color for the left sidebar and one color for the toolbar and then the theme calculates all the needed values somehow for the gradients and border colors.

How would you recommend applying the adminbar style on the front end as well?

Well, you can copy the styling of the bar fairly easily and simply put it into your theme. I may attempt to make that an option in the future.

I actually tried that and it broke my theme.. hmm. I’ll check my work and try again

Yeah, see what happens is that WordPress puts extra padding in it’s functions to make sure your site doesn’t start with your content until 28px down the page. We can change that on the backend, but on the front-end, it’s a little trickier to do and keep it consistent. Again, if I figure it out later, maybe I can include it in a future update.


I like the plugin…it changes the look and feel of the backend…i have been looking for something like this from a long time…may be in the future versions you can considering adding more customization in terms of placement of menu, the look and feel etc so that it doesnt look like a wordpress admin but looks like a custom CMS admin panel. You can take a look at few html and php based admin panels here :


Every web designer would love to have such a level of customization in wordpress admin panel.

Glad you like it. I don’t plan on moving the navigation or toolbar or anything simply because I want this version of the dashboard to be compatible with every WordPress plugin out there. Having said that, one thing I’d like to add in the future is a custom dashboard screen that displays some much more relevant information in a more attractive way…something like some of the screens on John O’Nolan’s Ghost admin idea… http://john.onolan.org/ghost/

J’ai vraiment, très beau! / i really like it, great!

Thanks so much!

ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?

Sorry, try the demo now. It should be working.

This is my best purchase in a while. I got excited after uploading the .zip and immediately activated the plugin. My admin panel then changed in terms of aesthetics – good aesthetics at that! And hey, it works!

It’s also nice to see that the plugin can be updated from the dashboard. I just got an update notification for 1.0.3! Keep it up, storefrontthemes!

Thanks! Glad you like it!


can we easily change the red & green colour of the wp admin bar, etc?


Well, the plugin is really just a stylesheet, so you can edit that. I have not added controls for doing this from the backend yet though.

does this work with the “white label” plug in :)?

So, um, what was the point of me spending my $15 when I can just go to your site and download it for free? Wish I knew that before I spent the last of my credits. On a side note though, how can I change the vectors in the dashboard, I want to switch one of my custom plugins gear to another one. Thanks for the help, and you might wanna make it so that people have to come here to get it, the Envato guys don’t like to loose money :D

looks like a bug where its cutting off words in large menus…

e.g. Settings, it cuts off the bottom half of words of plugin items…. Google Analytics Dashboard is an example, you get Google Analytics fine but Dashboard is only showing the top half of the words

Hi, Why when I switch from backend to frontend the color disappear? I see the traditional dark gray in frontend and green in backend?

I need to customize bar color in Frontend too, I buy this plugin for this reason…

Please Explain how to change bar color in Frontend bar. Thanks.

The login password isn’t working.

Hi, the demo doesn’t work. Cannot log with demo/demo credentials.


The demo doesn’t work with user/pwd: demo/demo


The demo password doesn’t seem to work.

Does the plugin have a settings page and is it multisite compatible?

Also, is this plugin wp 3.8 compatible?


Hello before i purchase i was wondering does this support Wordpress multisite? If it does its an instant purchase from me :)

Yes, it of course supports multisite and can be network activated.

Great if its network activated does that mean everyone has access to its options as i would like to limit that to just super admin?

Sorry this is a year late. ;-) There are no options with it. You just turn it on.