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As search engines now penalize sites using scrapped contents, I’m wondering if this plug will help in getting trafic???

Could you please explain, regarding the Goolge actual algo state, how your plug can help in getting trafic and increase seo?

We all time long see softs or else plugs proposing content scrapping but is it really efficient? What could you say about it?

Do you have some real cases to present?



Hi , We know that for High trafic the post must be unique in web ! But RobotPoster solution give you three strong points : 1- your blog will be the first blog to copy the post with the smart Button ; 2- yes you will not have unique post 100% but you will have unlimited post : 1 unique post visitors’s = 1000 not unique posts visitors’s (bc you will have unlimited posts) 3- SEO url in robot post give you more chance .

the secret key for this type of sites that be “Patient and Patient ” that what i learn from my experience ( you need time to google index your urls and after that the visitors will be ulimited too :D ) Good Luck ! Thanks

Add the source link automatically with Robotposter , you will not be penalized by google :)

rss plugin to show the favicon?

No … Sorry

How efficient/optimized is this plugin? I can’t have plugin that is a resource hog or eats lots of bandwith when checking for new posts …

Also, is there any database usage by the plugin? I need to make sure this plugin does not destroy page load times of consume too many resources!

hi , this plugin optimized by Curl function and Cache Technics to be more fast in loading !! yes , it use DB ; just two table for smarter detection ; you can control the loading by chose “Admin only” how can see the button ; Thanks

Great bro. ;) , Good luck with sales.

baraka allah fikome :D Thanks !

question i notice that it only post the heading and one paragraph when you click the header or more it takes you the the original website.. is there anyway to download the entire article to the website and keep the traffic on my site.

thanks g.

Welcome That depends with the rss from the site ; but you can send me email to give you more information ;

does not work aweful


I have four different websites, each one about a kind of work I do. I am preparing one main website that is going to have a little summary about my works, links to my other websites and a blog.

If I create one blog in each website, could I use your plugin to feed the main website blog? My websites are done in Wordpress, except for one, that is a blog in blogspot. P.S.: I’d like to have full posts in the main website blog.

Thank you in advance.

Hi , -firstly you must have for each siteweb a rss with full post in the feed ( you can use some free plugin for that for wordpress -secondly you use this plugin or the last version “RobotPoster Spinner Edition (Multilanguage) Plugin” http://codecanyon.net/item/robotposter-spinner-edition-multilanguage-plugin/4142447 with this new plug in you can spin the content (to have new unique post) or not as you want ; for more info just email me ; Thank you ! :)

Hello, i would like to ask a simple information… does using this kind of plugins goes against adsense policies? i mean, is it legit to use this with adsense or you will face a ban from google?

We add some RSS feeds and this plugin publishes rss entries. Right? Can I set it to publish each rss in a certain category or post status (draft or published)?

Hi ; Right! ; this features is available in Spinner edition (http://codecanyon.net/item/robotposter-spinner-edition-multilanguage-plugin/4142447 ) : Categories Support Publish/Draft Posts Status with automatic rewrite posts … Thank you

in the demo i havent seen any post with pictures ? does it not fetch image along with the text ?

hello , i didnt put rss with email in example ; but you can see that in this example for our friend : http://dgtrend2.123-help.info ; the image depend about if the rss have images link or not ! Welcome :)


There has 2 issues on My WordPress site now…

After I installed your plug-in, I find it’s not work anyway!

Can you help me for this issue?

My site back-end: http://123-help.info/dgtrend2/wp-admin/

account: admin Password: Demo1234

And your CSS3 button do not work on FireFox Ver.24! You try this URL with FireFox ver.24 : http://dgtrend2.123-help.info

Hello ; i will be happy to help you ; that was some rss not working ; you made 4 rss that take more time ; that work now for a example ; i wait your email to help you more ; thank you

When I use the WP theme “Rule”, I can’t click the Click to start” button for update the article… can you click this issue for me?

Test with this URL… http://123-help.info/dgtrend2/

an Update is coming soon ; Thank you

I don’t know why but my comment isn’t showing. I just wanted to know one thing, can I use this pluggin for video, in this case vines? And images ?

send for me a type of rss link , i will test it for you ; thanks !

With this plugin, Can I assign different rss feeds to different categories? I am trying to be able to feature original posts and rss feeds in some categories on a site.

I purchased the plugin, and it wreaked Havoc on the site. Causing 2 sliders and a video player to not work.

I ended up using something else that works, please let me know how to get a refund as I will not be using this plugin.

3 Days has gone by with no response. This needs to be refunded ASAP

this is the worst plugin i’ve ever use.

Demo is not work. Pls check.
Can I import all post from http://rss.rbc.ru / http://izvestia.ru/static/rss ? How it work? What content I can import? Title/text/image/author/comments/date?

can you give me login/pass for admin panel demo?

Hello, is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.2 ? Thanks, Hugo

hi i like to ask if it possible to public publication my listings