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How many images need to be changed? Can I use your sound fx?

Hi, there is 4 atlas image file with multiple images on it. We provide all images in PNG file that have been used in game, together with PSD file of all atlas file.
You can use our sound in game.

compatible with xcode 7 & ios 9 ?

Hi, code will run on IOS 9, but still is not compatible with Xcode 7. We working got make it compatible even in Multitasking Orientation Screen.

settings button doesn’t work

Already replied.

that didnt help

Now we saw what you as needed, as in previous message you did not mention that. Already Replied.

It’s fun, great sales and good luck to you!

Thank you.

hahah.. laughing because it’s a joke! crashing on device + there is no possible way to edit/create new levels!! made with a drag and drop game builder so there is no possible way to edit it in an easy way!!! don’t waste your money!

Thank you for kind word on our game. We really appreciate you honest opinion of our work. We can not please all people.
All the best in your App Business in coming days.

hi , that is really nice game

i have a problem in menu background how i can set new one in your code the background is black

Hi there,
Game have 5 different Background to play with. You will need to change all background in atlas file.
You have PSD of all images, to be easier to reskin, change all and save it in same name as atlas file in source code.

That background is empty so automatically is black color. If you would like to have even that menu in different backgrounds send us request threw our Profile Page under Emeil Dulisa1

Hi Dulisa Ijust wanna ask u please if admob interstitial is included in this code ?

Hi there,
AdMob Interstitial in not included in code.
If you would like AdMob Interstitial in code, you will need to snd us request threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Hi Dulisa, If I configure the Ad Network key´s,

have I only just fill them at ”/res/data/PT..Model..Gen..Set..attributes.xml”? or should I also download and install the SDKs?.

When I filled them with the personalized key of Chartboost or applovin, it does not work. Just Admob works correctly.

Hi there,
You will need just to fill you AD ID in .xml file.

Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1

What platfrom it is build on ?

It building Cocos2D-X

works in xcode Version 7.2.1 ?

Yes it will work in Xcode 7.2.1

hows it going guys and updates?

Hi there,
We working on update of game with Multiple Worlds Selection.
Still in progress.

Hi is Multiple Worlds Selection now available?

Hi there,
Not yet but working on it.

why are there 3 remove ads in here? how do i remove 2 of them your description does not explain any of this

You never know how much one is wiling to give if they love your game for IAP..
If you would like only one IAP please contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

The game is function correctly. When player get caught by the cop game does not end. you can’t pause game and quit. Game is outdated not sure if is compatible with iOS 10 or Xcode 8.0

Hello, we will check the game and will be back with answers. Please send us message through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.