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i have test demo apk but app close when i tap start. what happen?

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hi, we change the character?

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We do not understand your question.

But if you asking do you need to change character in game YES you need to change character in game.

hi, ? need to change character. what character file extension

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Again we do not understand completely your question.

Character are in atlas file, PNG format, multiple image in one big image.

Hi i have bought this code i need your help to integrate applovin please

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Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1, with request of changing Ads in game.

my message has been sent.

Already replied.

this game no word edit android studio?

very good

Thanks for your reply I am not very expert in this but I like going to buy your games to prove

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paingha Purchased

Hi i have few questions. 1. In demo apk on play store the police don’t catch robber. 2. Is it possible to reduce speed like in html 5 game. Thanks

Game is made in BuildBox Game software which is based on Cocos 2D-X Platform.
With Extended License we will provide BuildBox file, just contact us after purchase and we will deliver.
Please contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Hi please can you fix issue where when police catches player the same sprite is used for all characters. I bought game since four months ago and have had this problems since. Please help fix it.

There no issue in game, police is set to be like that after catch character. One Police image is used for all character.