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Any plans for ios version ?

yes, after 1 month :)

Can it be customised / translated easily?

Yes ,I can help

Free support :)

Can there be questions without signs? Just plain text questions? Does it have any sort of backend to update categories and add/remove questions?

easy documentation


Yakita Purchased

Suggestions are as follows: 1-We must determine the number of Opt.(3, 4, 5) 2-Turkish character support. 3-We should be able to add questions without a picture. 4-It is necessary to create categories, sub-categories. 5-music in the background may or may not be the marking is done, when they succeed may sound. 6-online Support. Adding to the question, this is way easier. 7-at the end of the test a pop-up ad. Thank you.

Thanks for purchase. Your request will be ready in 1 week. Thanks again.

Ads intregated are AdMob?

Yes , Banner and interstitial admob

Hi, Nice app… Its already passed 15days, i am also looking for same features which Yakita has mentioned.I am ready to buy if you add those features. May i know the time? Thnaks.

Hi, 60% ready,all will be ready this month are :)

hi pro thanks for this nice app how about rtl language in questions : arabic

Hi , If you buy will be ready in 1 day Thanks.

you app can’t exit with back button

Hello Developmenttime,

How are you providing support ? The support link in your profile is not working :(
Here is my suggestions:
1) Admob Banner on questions page also between options and footer.
2) Interstitial ads frequency setting
2) A menu for the app with links to About Page (To be Created), Form to contact author, Rate us on Google Play Link
3) Randomization of questions on every attempt of a category
4) Better documentation, existing documentation is very simple for the app, please make it better with more content on customization…
:) :) :)

Hi, Support page under construction :) Your request will be ready. Thanks.

When I insert Arabic into the app, it’s crash. Please update new version and fix the back button bugs. Thanks you

Hello Development time ,

Any news on update ?

Can I add more categories or questions? Does the app use databases? Thanks

Yes it is possible.

At the end of the test, best score is wrong, equal to “correct numbers -1”. Please, tell how to fix it. Thanks, best regards


Yakita Purchased

I’ve been waiting a long time to update. Any progress ?

Does the app support different screens, such both handset and tablet devices? Which ones? Thanks

when i download the zipped folder and unzip , it does not unzip as some files have name with more characters and it throws 14 errors in just unzipping .Pls send me a clear zip folder of all the files directly . Ihad arlready sent u the request on yr profile

Hi Dear;

Databese xml? Please screen wiew.

Hi, excellent app, but I need these options:

Display questions randomly; Display the alternatives in random positions; Create subcategories.

It’s possible?

Thanks =D


2Ra66it Purchased

Hello, I purchased your application (Roadroid – Road Sign Quiz) , you can help me , I would like to replace recyclerView conventional buttons or make the individual elements (categories Motorway Test, Speed & Stopping Test, Full Sign Test, Trickiest test in CategoryActivity) are not clickable until the player attains a certain number of points in the first category (Road Sign Test) . Help me please!

is it possible to add more category?

does it have admin panel or sql database?