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Sorry how do you change the object size? For example, if I use a smaller ship, it crashes into the asteroids without touching them.

Hello! you can use method setSizeShip in file GameSetting.swift line 82

hello, can you provide me the ads free version then i am going to buy it .! thanks

This kind of game is endless. And currently it do not have any update version. I will send you an email if it is updated


Im looking to reskin this game. How many assets have to be recreated ? And specifically what needs to be created. Im going to get my designer to start creating them.

Hello, there are 22 assets, included press button and skins of the game. It is very easy to reskin. For more information please read the document in the game.

i dont want to use chartboost can i use admob interstellar?

Yes, It is very easy to replace. If you cannot do this, email me

My mail is arkaplanda@gmail.com can u pls send it?

Yes, I will send code for you

Admob works fine but charboost ads are not showing

No, i’m sure everything is ok, maybe you misstake

Nice product