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i have paid for this code, but why i could not find it in my download list?

In my account you are not purchased this game

can you tell me why “car_bumper” is 22 in the code? i could not understand

There is a comment there: center vertical point of car hit. It’s a vertical center of car hit area from top corner of the car image in drawable-mdpi folder.

http://s21.postimg.org/d2nin0meb/20150424093841.jpg learnboard not login eror eror eror.you send to 1 starts bad wuality code.

Leaderboard works but you need to setup it for your game. Thanks for your 1 star rating!

how to set inters ads appear after 1 game over

How do we change the package name? Do we change it only in AndroidManifest here: package=”com.oldenweb.RoadKiller” ? Or is there somewhere else we have to change it? Thank you

in Manifest and in src folder, and after that clean the project

Thank you so much, and for the extremely fast reply!!

I’m getting this Lint error when trying to export a signed apk: “gamehelper_sign_in_failed” is not translated in “af” (Afrikaans), “am” (Amharic), “ar” (Arabic), “bg” (Bulgarian), “bn-rBD” (Bengali: Bangladesh), “ca” (Catalan), “cs” (Czech), “da” (Danish), “de” (German), “el” (Greek), “en-rGB” (English: United Kingdom), “en-rIN” (English: India), “es” (Spanish), “es-rUS” (Spanish: United States), “et-rEE” (Estonian: Estonia), “eu-rES” (Basque: Spain), “fa” (Persian), “fi” (Finnish), “fr” (French), “fr-rCA” (French: Canada), “gl-rES” (Galician: Spain), “hi” (Hindi), “hr” (Croatian), “hu” (Hungarian), “hy-rAM” (Armenian: Armenia), “in” (Indonesian), “is-rIS” (Icelandic: Iceland), “it” (Italian), “iw” (Hebrew), “ja” (Japanese), “ka-rGE” (Georgian: Georgia), “kk-rKZ” (Kazakh: Kazakhstan), “km-rKH” (Khmer: Cambodia), “kn-rIN” (Kannada: India), “ko” (Korean), “ky-rKG” (Kyrgyz: Kyrgyzstan), “lo-rLA” (Lao: Lao People’s Democratic Republic), “lt” (Lithuanian), “lv” (Latvian), “mk-rMK” (Macedonian: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of), “ml-rIN” (Malayalam: India), “mn-rMN” (Mongolian: Mongolia), “mr-rIN” (Marathi: India), “ms-rMY” (Malay: Malaysia), “my-rMM” (Burmese: Myanmar), “nb” (Norwegian Bokmål), “ne-rNP” (Nepali: Nepal), “nl” (Dutch), “pl” (Polish), “pt” (Portuguese), “pt-rBR” (Portuguese: Brazil), “pt-rPT” (Portuguese: Portugal), “ro” (Romanian), “ru” (Russian), “si-rLK” (Sinhala: Sri Lanka), “sk” (Slovak), “sl” (Slovene), “sr” (Serbian), “sv” (Swedish), “sw” (Swahili), “ta-rIN” (Tamil: India), “te-rIN” (Telugu: India), “th” (Thai), “tl” (Tagalog), “tr” (Turkish), “uk” (Ukrainian), “ur-rPK” (Urdu: Pakistan), “uz-rUZ” (Uzbek: Uzbekistan), “vi” (Vietnamese), “zh-rCN” (Chinese: China), “zh-rHK” (Chinese: Hong Kong), “zh-rTW” (Chinese: Taiwan, Province of China), “zu” (Zulu)

Issue: Checks for incomplete translations where not all strings are translated Id: MissingTranslation

If an application has more than one locale, then all the strings declared in one language should also be translated in all other languages.

If the string should not be translated, you can add the attribute translatable=”false” on the <string> element, or you can define all your non-translatable strings in a resource file called donottranslate.xml. Or, you can ignore the issue with a tools:ignore=”MissingTranslation” attribute.

By default this detector allows regions of a language to just provide a subset of the strings and fall back to the standard language strings. You can require all regions to provide a full translation by setting the environment variable ANDROID_LINT_COMPLETE_REGIONS.

You can tell lint (and other tools) which language is the default language in your res/values/ folder by specifying tools:locale=”languageCode” for the root <resources> element in your resource file. (The tools prefix refers to the namespace declaration http://schemas.android.com/tools.)


Do you know what could be causing this? Do I need to translate that phrase and put it in?

Nevermind, I just turned off Lint warnings, and exported anyway.

It’s about translation your app to other language, it’s not necessary

Before the game can be published, we’re required to add 5 achievements. I’m just wondering if there’s anything in the code about how to unlock the achievements, so I can edit it. ie. user must get 100 points for achievement 1 , 150 points for achievement 2, etc.. I know you don’t like answering questions that have nothing to do with the code, so if the answer is No, you can just write No, and I won’t ask anymore. Thanks

Achievements you can create only in your google account. But my source code only writes score to the leaderboard and there no code to write achievements.

Bought this SRC. just 1 quick question, i want to reskin this app, do i have to replace all the images in every folder (mdpi, xhdpi, etc) with the new image?

thank you

See this file – /res/drawable/explode.xml

Hello again, i wonder where&when the ic_launcher.png file is used? Thank you :)

It’s a joke? This is an application icon.

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Is the android studio project the only update? Or were there changes in the code. Thank you

Yes, now the source can be edited in Android Studio. Also I have changed Admob Interstitial code. Now AdMob Interstitial will be preloaded when app start, so it will be fully loaded before showing. And now you can set up admob IDs via strings in resources.

Nice game but the movement not smooth. Could you enhance car movement? thanks

Now I understand. But gameplay was made that you must touch up your finger before moving another side. I have made some changes in code, hope will be better. You can download archive after update.

How to update to last version ? I copy only folder baseGameUtils

Download archive and replace “Main.java” file

I’m interested in purchasing this app. Is it easy to find free cars template online (for reskin purposes)? Could you please at least point one site? Thanks!

Can we create levels where if the player reaches a new score, the background changes and little few seconds flash text with ‘Level 2’ is written on it? Can this be done to create multiple levels?

However the score can just continue as it is so that the level part can be easier to do?

As default there are no such option but you can do all you want if you know how to do this

need well documentations. Build Problems Apk following Error http://prntscr.com/dr4zih

sourcode whether it still work? taun ago I bought this sourcode but it does not work

source works, may be you need to update your Gradle version

Hi ,

I have purchased game, I would like to know the code for Up, Down and Slow controls. I would like to keep enough space between three. Kindly Help.


I got this mail from Google Play Developer Console.

After review, Road Killer, com.funcentric.RoadKiller, has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy. Your app is identical to an existing app on the Play Store.

I am planning to go ahead and say that i have the rights as i have purchased this product.

Kindly let me know your thoughts.


I have re-instated the Suspension but they did not approve the app.

Can you refund the amount, I will purchase another app of yours with this amount?

Kindly respond.


Hello there? Author

could you provide demo APK for check ??? Also will it be work in latest Android studio with Naugat 7.0 ?


Error:Unsupported method: BaseConfig.getApplicationIdSuffix(). The version of Gradle you connect to does not support that method. To resolve the problem you can change/upgrade the target version of Gradle you connect to. Alternatively, you can ignore this exception and read other information from the model.