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RO WooCommerce

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  • Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking
  • Enable Customer Lifetime Value Calculations
  • Add Customer Email Addresses to Specific MailChimp Lists upon Checkout
  • Configure Abandoned Cart Emails & Send via WordPress
  • Enable AdWords Conversion Tracking Pixel to Fire on Checkout Success Page
  • Enable Dynamic Remarketing Tags on Product Pages
  • Creates AdWords/Bing Ads Shopping Feed with Global & Product Level Settings
  • Export and Import Shopping Product Feed Data via csv
  • Automatic Coupon Code Application via URL
  • Automatic Product(s) Added to Cart via URL with Quantities
  • Automatic Product(s) Added to Cart with Quantities AND Apply Coupon Code via URL
  • Add Infinite Scroll to Category Pages
  • Clear WooCommerce Expired Sessions Automatically
  • Enable Autocompletion of Addresses on Checkout Page
  • Preview Email Templates (New Order, Cancelled Order, Refunded Order, etc.)

Documentation found here.

We want to get tracking tags and advanced functionality set up in one day

  • Adding tags in this manner won’t be overwritten via FTP by someone working on their local files or git setup
  • Reduces tag & functionality setup time from 15 hours to 15 minutes
  • Use ONE plugin instead of 13+ Plugins for these features/functionalities
  • Our Plugin costs $99—compared to $345 for buying all 13+ plugins
  • A Marketer or Assistant can set up all of these tags instead of a Developer
  • No guesswork with setting up tags—our plugin has been thoroughly tested and is regularly updated
  • Just one plugin (that always stays updated) means better security
  • Updating 13+ other plugins to do the same work takes more time
  • Minimize plugin incompatibility by using ONE plugin instead of 13+
  • Configure all these options in one easy-to-use interface